Boy set upon with axe in disturbing daylight attack

Boy set upon with axe in disturbing daylight attack

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested over an alleged ax attack on another teenage boy in Alice Springs, as “fed up” locals flood a crisis meeting to discuss a crime wave plaguing the outer town.

Confrontation footage posted online shows the young alleged victim curled up on the ground trying to protect himself while three others kick, punch and hit him with an axe.

9News learns he went for an afternoon walk and was allegedly run into yesterday afternoon outside a local pizza shop in the suburb of Braitling.

Fed up Alice Springs residents flocked to a crisis meeting to discuss a crime wave plaguing the outer town. (9 News)

The video appears to show the boys scattering as a bystander intervenes and yells at them to stop.

“You think you’re tough to fight him? Wake up to yourself,” the man said.

The victim’s mother claimed that the boy was hit several times in the face, stomach and leg, but that the ax did not cut him.

Paramedics responded and treated the boy at the scene before he was taken to the hospital.

The local mother posted details of the alleged attack on social media, with a message thanking the man who intervened.

NT Police told 9News a 16-year-old boy was arrested. No charges were laid and no other arrests were made.

Alice Springs is experiencing a crime problem which is causing people to leave in droves. (9 News)

Community meeting gripped by frustration

Hours after the incident, the local convention center turned into a theater of frustration.

Almost 3,000 of the 30,000 residents of Alice Springs attended a meeting to address the rising crime wave gripping the town.

Every seat in the room was filled, with members of the public spilling outside.

Long-time resident and meeting organizer Garth Thompson said alcohol-fueled violence has cost residents and local business owners, like himself, financial loss over several years.

He appealed for community support for a $1.5 billion class action to compensate them. Some expressed concern about the tone of the meeting.

“The big thing about tonight is being able to walk away knowing that as a group we’ve got each other’s backs,” Thompson said.

“We deserve to be compensated for what the government put us through.”

Mayor Matt Paterson attended the meeting but did not speak.

He told 9News he hopes the national attention the town is getting will lead to change.

“It’s clear that the community is pretty fed up with what’s happening every day in Alice Springs,” said Paterson.

“Many businesses and the tourism industry may suffer from this … we have had enough and we need change.

“We can’t keep saying the same thing over and over.”

What’s going on in Alice Springs?

Crime is on the rise in Alice Springs, with residents at their wits’ end after a surge in burglaries, vandalism and alcohol-related assaults.

The latest data released by NT Police showed alcohol-related assault rose by 55 per cent in the year to November, while domestic and common assault both increased by 43 per cent and 54 per cent respectively.

Commercial burglaries are up 56 percent and reports of property damage are up nearly 60 percent.

Anthony Albanese visited the town last week amid calls for federal intervention in the crime wave. (9News)Anthony Albanese visited the town last week amid calls for federal intervention in the crime wave.The premier announced new alcohol restrictions, some starting Monday, aimed at reducing the availability of takeaway grog.

A report from the newly appointed Central Australia regional controller will be handed to the Commonwealth this week, outlining a plan going forward on alcohol restrictions.

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