Hidden trapdoor in cupboard found as hundreds arrested in domestic violence crackdown

Hidden trapdoor in cupboard found as hundreds arrested in domestic violence crackdown

Hundreds of the state’s most dangerous domestic violence offenders have been arrested and dozens of weapons seized in major raids across New South Wales.

The multi-agency Operation Amarok One, involving officers from every police district in the state and specialized domestic violence teams, lasted from last Tuesday to Friday.

During the operation, police said 648 people – including 164 of NSW’s most wanted domestic violence offenders – were arrested and a total of 1,153 charges were laid.

At a home in Harrington Park, police seized two daggers, a double-edged sword, a multiple ax and metal knuckles. (NSW Police)

Over the four days, 655 outstanding domestic violence arrest orders (ADVOs) were served, while 3890 ADVOs and 1324 bail compliance checks were completed.

Police seized 19 guns and 49 prohibited weapons, as well as various types of illegal drugs found in 116 searches.

During one search last Tuesday, officers uncovered two daggers, a double-edged sword, a multiple axe, metal knuckle dusters and suboxone strips (medication used to treat opioid addiction).

The 47-year-old man at the Harrington Park home was charged with weapons offenses and refused bail to appear in Picton Local Court next month.

A 32-year-old man was found hiding under the house with a hidden trapdoor in a closet in Barrack Heights. (NSW Police)

Two other people at the property were wanted on outstanding felony robbery warrants and were also arrested and charged.

When police searched a home at Barrack Heights on Wednesday, they found a 32-year-old man hiding under the house with a trapdoor hidden in a closet.

He is alleged to have breached an ADVO, and was charged with breaching the order and possession of a weapon after an extendable baton was found.

“The NSW Police Force invests significant resources in responding to family and domestic violence; attending around 139,000 calls for help in 2022 – with more than 33,100 of those being actual assaults and 17 domestic murders,” Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon said the NSW Police said.

During the operation, 648 people were arrested, which included 164 of NSW’s most wanted domestic violence offenders. (NSW Police)

“We continue to combat the perception that domestic violence is a ‘family matter’ and should therefore be treated as ‘private business’.

“That is certainly not the case. This is a community issue, and we all have a role to play in stopping the senseless loss of life to this crime.”

Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith said family and domestic violence is one of the most common but complex crimes police deal with.

“Police officers spend more time responding to and administering domestic violence cases than any other crime type. They investigate any behavior that controls, intimidates, frightens or coerces a victim.

“With Operation Amarok, we shifted our focus to the offender and deployed our officers in the same way we would for any violent criminal. The results of the operation speak for themselves.”

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