New WA Liberal leader Libby Mettam moves to quash influence of factional powerbrokers

New WA Liberal leader Libby Mettam moves to quash influence of factional powerbrokers

New WA Liberal leader Libby Mettam has linked her leadership to destroying the influence of the factional group known as ‘The Clan’ and its powerbroker Nick Goiran, declaring it a ‘line in the sand’ for the party is.

Key points: Libby Mettam became WA Liberal leader on Monday. She focused her leadership on limiting the influence of ‘The Clan’. She described it as a ‘line in the sand’ for the WA Liberals

Ms Mettam took over the Liberal leadership from David Honey today in an uncontested landslide and vowed that the internal dysfunction caused by The Clan, which she says has turned voters off the party, would not be a feature of her time at the helm not.

Ms Mettam asked the party chamber to remove Mr Goiran, who denies the existence of The Clan or his involvement in it, as the Liberal Party’s parliamentary secretary.

But the majority of Liberal MPs voted against it.

Ms Mettam denied she had failed in her first attempt to reduce the influence of The Clan and said she would renew her efforts at another party room meeting on Thursday.

Upper House Liberal MP Nick Goiran was part of a group of factional power brokers known as ‘The Clan’. (ABC News: James Carmody)

She also asked Mr Goiran to give up his shadow portfolios of attorney-general, child protection and industrial relations “in the best interests of the party”.

“We will hold another party room meeting on Thursday, and what I can say is that I will use the means at my disposal to illustrate that I take seriously the issues that have been raised in relation to internal affairs of the party,” she said. said.

“In terms of the secretary role, it is disappointing that it has not received the support of the party room, and at this stage he remains in that position.

Libby Mettam has described her ascension to the WA Liberal leadership as a “reset” for the party. (ABC News: Keane Bourke)

“But I have illustrated my intention to Nick Goiran, which I will raise with the National Party leader, that the Liberal Party team will not include Nick Goiran in its shadow capacity going forward.

‘Difficult decisions’

“This is a line in the sand, this is a reset for the Liberal Party, this is the reset that the Liberal Party desperately needs, and I wouldn’t be putting my hand up for this job if I wasn’t prepared to make tough decisions. don’t take

“While I was unsuccessful with the motion, I moved today, which I [say] to the people of Western Australia is that I hear you.

“The issues that plagued the party around the so-called Clan will not be part of my leadership going forward.”

Mr Goiran declined to comment on the issue following Ms Mettam’s elevation to the leadership, but pledged his “one hundred per cent unconditional and unequivocal” support.

Upper House MP Peter Collier, another member of The Clan, apologized for his comments in private chat messages between members of the group.

Liberal MP Peter Collier released an apology on the same day the party elected a new leader. (ABC News: Cason Ho)

“Given the ongoing comments from the private chat messages, I have apologized to the leader of the WA Liberal Party, Libby Mettam, and I also sincerely apologize to members of the Liberal Party and the people of Western Australia for the inappropriate language I have used on various occasions,” said Mr Collier.

Ms Mettam indicated she would not ask Mr Collier to give up his shadow portfolios.

Chat messages leaked

More than 700 pages of The Clan’s leaked messages previously revealed internal games and branch stacking.

The messages described how The Clan prided themselves on their ability to legitimately stack party branches with people they called “solid citizens”.

In a 2017 message, Mr Goiran wrote: “I just realized that despite the fact that we have never had so many channels, there is literally nothing to watch.

“Tomorrow I’m going to find a branch to stack, it’s driving me crazy.”

In a message from 2017, Mr. Collier mocked Robyn Nolan, president of the Liberal Women’s Committee (LWC), suggesting that a talking point for the LWC’s next meeting is: “Robyn Nolan is a prize bitch and everyone hates her.”

New deputy Liberal leader Steve Thomas, who is non-factional, said the best way to beat Clan members is to outperform them.

Steve Thomas was unveiled as the WA Liberal deputy leader on Monday. (ABC News: Keane Bourke)

Rather than rewarding party members for their factional loyalty, he said it should be a merit-based approach.

“It has to be a meritocracy for the Liberal party to ever be successful,” Mr Thomas told Perth ABC Radio.

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