RECAP | MICHAEL WARREN second Survivor Australia contestant sent packing

RECAP | MICHAEL WARREN second Survivor Australia contestant sent packing

2023 Survivor Australia Heroes vs Villians Recap, S8 Ep 2.

It’s day 3 in Samoa and the Villian’s tribe is hungry AF. George is back eccentric shirts and all with a big gash on his forehead that makes me cringe the entire episode. Alas, the promos live up to their prophecy, this really is the return of King George.

Battered but not broken. King George is back. Survivor Australia S8 Ep2 George, Channel 10

The reward challenge is your standard tug-of-war. The winning tribe can attack the losing camp and deprive any of them of critical supplies. After the disaster in the last episodes, the villains finally came to terms; there is no ‘I’ in team, but there is ‘win’. This is the part of the episode where I usually start scrolling through my phone but Simon’s evil antics grab my attention. Instead of pushing for the finish line, Simon plants two feet firmly on the finish line and JLP reluctantly declares Simon and the Villian’s clan as the winners of rewards.

Looks legit. Survivor Australia Ep 2 Source Channel 10

Back in the Middle Ages, the Vikings traveled around and attacked unsuspecting towns. In 2023, Samoa, the Villains clan is going to attack the Heroes camp. George, the Viking from the north, doesn’t want to take any prisoners, but Mimi reminds him that they are villains, not sociopaths, and stops the Villains from vandalizing the heroes’ camp. The villains decide to compromise on the amount of soul wasting they do and decide to just put out the heroes’ fire, steal all their food and run away laughing maniacally.

Fast forward to the challenge and there are no turning blocks and mud pits in sight. George breathed a sigh of relief. It’s neck and neck throughout the obstacle course until George and Fraser stumble their way through the puzzle part of the challenge. Once again the heroes remain victorious. With no hospitalizations after this challenge, JLP sends both his personal injury lawyers and the heroes back to camp.

With tribal council looming, Michael came out of the Australian Survivor starting gates faster than Usain Bolt. The swelling on George’s forehead has only just started to come down and Michael is already putting George’s head back on the chopping block.

But no one understands why Michael is so determined to vote George out. Michael barely spoke to George throughout the game. At least for Simon, getting rid of George is personal. The remaining Villians suspect that Michael’s primary motive for eliminating George is that he blows too hard and starts plotting Michael’s downfall.

But Jordie and Simon remain unconvinced. The Jimon bromance continues to blossom, and Michael is quickly becoming a rough third wheel.

Do you vote for George? Mmmm. Source: Ch 10

When Michael completely breaks down during tribe, he accuses George of being the only reason he lost the challenge, Jimon nods in agreement. They quietly decide yes-no, they no longer vote for George, they have bigger fish to fry.

Goodbye Michael, I’m going to add him to the wall of players next to Andy Meldrum for playing too hard, too soon.

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains season eight – continues tomorrow and Wednesday 7.30pm on 10 and 10.

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