6 Emmerdale spoilers: Will Mack come clean as Sarah is hospitalised?

6 Emmerdale spoilers: Will Mack come clean as Sarah is hospitalised?

It may finally be time for Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) to settle their hands and the resulting pregnancy next week, but will Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) hear the truth as her granddaughter Sarah Sugden (Katie) Hill) suffer a medical emergency?

Elsewhere, former spouses Paddy (Dominic Brunt) and Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) are brought closer together as Paddy’s turmoil continues; and Naomi Walters (Karene Peter) plans to help brother Ethan Anderson (Emile John).

Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) makes a botched attempt to reach out to struggling daughter Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling), while Samson Dingle’s (Sam Hall) ears prick up when he hears news about Noah Dingle (Jack Downham).

Here’s all your Emmerdale spoilers from 6 – 10 February 2023.

6 Emmerdale spoilers next week1. Does Mack reveal his betrayal?

Mack’s plan to come clean backfires. ITV

It wasn’t long ago that Sarah suspected Chloe and Mack’s secret, but Chloe managed to convince her pal that she had misunderstood. But next week everything changes again. As Mack tries to join in on fiancee Charity’s merry banter, he is wracked with guilt. Soon, Mack tells Chloe that he’s going to confess to Charity about the baby.

As Sarah eavesdrops from upstairs, Chloe is worried when Mack refuses to back down as he promises to tell Charity the truth that same day. Sarah secretly listens while Chloe stands her ground when Mack encourages her to leave – she’s determined to stay because she has nowhere else to go. But just as Mack and Chloe are about to reveal their secret to Charity, Sarah comes stumbling down the stairs, struggling to breathe…

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2. Sarah is rushed to the hospital

Will it be okay with Sarah? ITV

Charity instructs Mack to call an ambulance, while Sarah hyperventilates. In A&E, Sarah is whisked away for treatment, while Mack comforts an emotional Charity and shares a look with Chloe – it looks like they’ll put their plans to confess on hold. A distraught Charity confides in Mack, worried about Sarah’s life expectancy. Then Chloe sees a doctor walking towards them all, and Charity knows there is bad news on the horizon as she waits in terror.

Long-term viewers may recall that Sarah was diagnosed with Fanconi anemia as a youngster, and tragically, she and her family know that it could lead to her losing her life at a premature age. Will Sarah survive, and will she reveal what she knows about Mack and Chloe?

3. Paddy turns to Mandy for comfort

Mandy (Lisa Riley) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) in Emmerdale. ITV

Paddy is surprised when father Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards) reveals he has set up a double date for the two of them. Paddy remains polite, but he’s horrified to be thrown back into the world of dating so suddenly, as he’s nowhere near recovered from the pain of estranged wife Chas Dingle’s (Lucy Pargeter) affair.

Bear doesn’t get the hint that Paddy isn’t in the right headspace for socializing, and Paddy concocts an excuse and is relieved when Bear leaves with the two ladies. The next day, Chas is stunned when she thinks she overhears Paddy bragging about being single. So she flirts with Kev the drayman, which hurts Paddy even more. Chas finally puts Paddy in his place about his controlling behavior, reminding him that it’s his choice to keep staying with her.

Mandy becomes concerned when she sees Paddy looking robbed, and he tries to hide from her with no luck. Paddy then admits he feels lost, and Mandy moves in to hold broken Paddy. Mandy knows how hard it can be to move on when you still love someone, and Paddy is struck by her words as he senses that she knows what he’s going through.

At the Woolpack, the pair open a bottle of wine and find themselves acting thoughtful while avoiding eye contact, the implication of Mandy’s words hanging in the air between them. As time goes on, Paddy and Mandy reminisce and dissolve into helpless, cathartic laughter, and Mandy wrestles with her conscience as she locks eyes with a drunken Paddy. Emmerdale has already teased that the former flames will be heading to the bedroom together at some point. Is a full reunion on the cards?

4. Naomi’s Honey Trap Plot

Greg flirts with Nate in Emmerdale. ITV

Ethan explains to boyfriend Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey) and sister Naomi that Greg (Daniel Betts) is trying to discredit the harassment complaint against him. Feeling helpless at the injustice of the situation, Ethan reveals that he is considering abandoning the investigation and quitting his job. So Naomi tells Marcus that she has an idea that could tip the scales of justice in Ethan’s favor. But as she tries to enlist Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) as bait, he refuses and Marcus expresses his own concerns.

Eventually, however, Naomi stresses the fact that Ethan could lose his job, and Nate relents. He goes to the bar and catches Greg’s eye. When Greg approaches and offers to buy Nate a drink, the plan seems to be in motion. With his phone recording, Nate stands by shyly as he flirts with Greg. Will this honey trap work, or is disaster about to strike?

5. Bob’s blunder

Cathy is upset thanks to dad Bob. ITV

After her recent struggle with heavy periods, Cathy is feeling more positive as doctor Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) has prescribed the pill to help the situation. When Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) found the package, Cathy opened up to her. But next week Cathy enjoys her birthday party, Bob and Brenda spy on the kids. Brenda then breaks the news to Bob that Cathy is taking the pill, and he is upset that he was kept in the dark.

But when Bob approaches her about her heavy periods, Cathy is upset. She bursts into a fit of rage and orders her party guests to leave, leaving Bob feeling blindsided. Can he mend and find a way to properly support Cathy?

6. Samson hears Noah’s news

Samson hears Noah’s news. ITV

Noah was shocked to learn that Aunt Zoe Tate (Leah Bracknell) had set up a trust fund for him. And next week, Samson remains thrilled when he learns, thanks to a gossipy Brenda, that Noah is transferring his money to an account for baby Esther. Esther is, of course, Samson’s baby daughter by Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) – but Samson simply isn’t interested in being her father, with Noah stepping in. The ITV soap has revealed that Samson will resort to blackmail, and it looks like this will spark his devious plan.

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