Australian Idol judges 2023: Harry Connick Jr leaves Sydney crooner Charlie, 18, in tears

Australian Idol judges 2023: Harry Connick Jr leaves Sydney crooner Charlie, 18, in tears

A teenage crooner broke down in tears in front of one of his biggest musical heroes after a nerve-racking audition on Australian Idol.

Sydney singer Charlie Chech (18) is a big fan of Sinatra, jazz, and of course Harry Connick Jr.

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So when he showed up to audition for one of the crooners he grew up idolizing, he was understandably nervous.

Dressed in a tux, bow tie and shiny shoes, Charlie certainly looked the part.

And when he opened his mouth to sing It Had To Be You, it appeared he could croon too.

But was his performance enough to persuade the man himself, Harry Connick Jr, to send him through to the Top 50?

While Amy Shark wasn’t convinced and said no, Meghan Trainor and Kyle Sandilands gave the nervous teenager the thumbs up.

Charlie Chech sings Come Fly With Me. Credit: Seven

Over to Harry, who gave Charlie some good advice.

He advised Charlie to find his own style, not copy anyone, and worry less about the old-school suit-and-tie aesthetic and showbiz moves.

Clearly nervous, Charlie interjected as Harry spoke with lots of “yeps,” “I know”s and so on.

The final decision on whether the cocky teenager made it to the top 50 came down to Harry, and Charlie was literally wiping the sweat from his brow.

“So, Charlie, the first thing that kind of annoys me about you is that you don’t have a lot of humility,” said Harry.

“You will not let anyone else speak.

“Around my professors, if I even opened my mouth to speak, they would kick me out of the room.”

Harry Connick advised Charlie Chech. Credit: Seven

“I think it’s nerves,” Charlie interjected, before Harry raised his hand.

But Charlie kept talking nervously.

“Really, I have so much respect for you,” he stammered, digging himself an even bigger hole.

“You’re, you’re having a nervous reaction right now,” Amy said.

“Yep, I think it’s, yep—” Charlie stammered, before Kyle stood up and jokingly yelled, “Shut up!”

“So, I’m going to say a few words, and I don’t want you to say anything,” Harry began again.

“Just be quiet for a minute!

“Humility is really important, and studying your craft is really important.”

At this point Charlie nodded, looking despondent and sure Harry was about to give him a big no.

“Over the next few weeks and months you’ll have a chance to get to work on that stuff,” Harry added.

“Because YOU ARE IN THE TOP 50!”

Charlie (18) started crying when Harry Connick jr. said yes Credit: Seven

As Meghan jumped out of her chair with joy, Charlie broke down in sobs, totally overwhelmed by the unexpected turn of events.

Amy and Meghan both rushed to give the teenager a big hug.

Harry walked over and hugged him too.

“Don’t cry,” he said.

“Go home and exercise and put on clothes that fit you.

“Be 18!”

Meghan Trainor gives Charlie his Golden Ticket to the Top 50. Credit: Seven

As Kyle walked out the relieved teenager, he gave Charlie some advice of his own.

“Well done, mate,” Kyle said.

“Absolutely loved it, loved it, loved it.

“I like what you’re wearing too, maybe keep that sharp look going.

“You keep doing you.”

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