Live Traffic NSW expanded to 32 more Councils

Live Traffic NSW expanded to 32 more Councils

Live Traffic NSW will soon expand to have more real-time traffic information data with the New South Wales and Federal Governments adding more local roads to the system.

New South Wales Regional Transport and Roads Minister Sam Farraway said a further 32 councils were being trained to use the real-time road information platform to deliver more accurate information to motorists.

“We have fast-tracked the boarding of councils that have been severely affected by the recent flooding events, which is a huge win for those traveling in and out of flood-affected areas in NSW,” Mr Farraway said.

“This means councils such as Bourke, Dubbo and Forbes will be able to upload road closure and incident information in real time to Live Traffic NSW, which feeds data into third party applications such as Google Maps, Waze and Tom Tom.

“We know Live Traffic NSW is essential during emergencies. When major flooding began in late 2022, sessions on Live Traffic NSW increased up to 10 times, so getting more accurate data for all our roads in one place is a huge win for travellers.

In October 2022, the first 22 Councils were added to the platform and a further three in December. These councils have since communicated nearly 5,500 road incident updates.

The first 13 of the 32 Councils uploaded their data on 23 January while the remaining 19 are undergoing training to be able to do the same from 23 February.

Mr Farraway also revealed that emergency broadcast signs were being put up across the state.

“Within weeks we will have installed all 99 signs that will display local ABC radio frequencies so people in our regions know where to turn for emergency information during a natural disaster,” Mr Farraway said.

“This was a recommendation from the NSW Bushfire Inquiry, as was the inclusion of local roads on Live Traffic NSW and we continue with the task of ensuring our communities are safe in times of emergency.”

The ABC’s head of regional, rural and emergencies, Hugh Martin, said the signs could serve as an important reminder for local residents and visitors to regional areas.

“Reminding communities where they can turn for reliable, up-to-date and often life-saving information in times of need means those communities are better protected in the future,” Mr Martin said.

“The ABC works closely with all emergency and government services and is the most reliable source of information during an emergency. This roadside information campaign is a timely reminder of where people can go to find the most reliable coverage that will keep them safe.”

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