Names LB Alex Singleton Denver Broncos’ ‘Unsung Hero’ for 2022 Names LB Alex Singleton Denver Broncos’ ‘Unsung Hero’ for 2022

For most of the 2022 season, the Denver Broncos starting lineup duo – Josey Jewell and Alex Singleton – have done a solid job. Neither will be confused for the likes of San Francisco’s Fred Warner or Dallas’ Micah Parson, but the duo in Denver has been mostly steady and consistent all season.

Over the years preceding, the play of the linebackers in Denver made even the biggest skeptics smile this past season. A much-maligned position given the struggles of the unit that arguably has the single best tight end in NFL history in Travis Kelce and other players at the position, many fans spend the offseason chanting “LINEBACKER!” on their social media accounts of choice.

However, Singleton’s play this past season was so unexpected that he earned the Broncos’ ‘Unsung Hero’ title for the 2022 season by’s Nick Shook.

I initially picked Pat Surtain II for this, but his first-team All-Pro designation shows that he’s getting his due. However, Singleton still flies under the radar, even after just putting together his best professional season. The folks at PFF didn’t sleep on Singleton: They graded him at 79.1 overall, good enough to land just outside the top 10 in linebacker grades around the league. That came because of injuries that forced Denver to elevate the quiet offseason addition who joined the Broncos as a depth defender and special teams player; he ended up starting 12 games and leading the team in tackles with 163. He’ll be a free agent in March, and after playing a vital role for a stellar (but ultimately wasted) Broncos defense, Singleton should be paying attention draw on the open market. He certainly deserved it.

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Singleton excelled in the areas Shook mentioned above, but he also stood out in several other stats tabulated by Pro Football Focus that weren’t “grades.” He finished with the 11th best missed catch percentage in the NFL at 6.5% and was sixth in the NFL in “stops,” which are defined as tackles that constitute a failure for the opposing offense. While Singleton won’t mistake anyone for a defensive back, he also allowed the 12th fewest yards after the catch last season, totaling 224.

Singleton was so solid this past season that while he didn’t earn first- or second-team All-Pro honors, he was the only Broncos other than Patrick Surtain II and Justin Simmons to receive a vote.

Whether Singleton will be back in Denver next season remains to be seen. The Broncos will likely have to extend his contract by a significant margin to keep him given his play in 2022. Regardless of whether Singleton is re-signed, his play in Denver alongside Jewell should be praised in an otherwise lackluster year for the Broncos. franchise.

The 2022 season did not go according to plan for the Broncos. From a career-worst year for former All-Pro quarterback Russell Wilson, after giving up enough capital to acquire him, to the Broncos firing a first-time head coach before the regular season even concluded, last season is a year fans are collectively excited to put behind them.

Even though last season was extremely disappointing for Denver, there were still plenty of bright spots for fans to reflect on and appreciate amid the disappointment. Patrick Surtain II became the first quarterback ever to be named first team to both the NFLPA and AP All-Pro teams, while wide receiver Jerry Jeudy started to look like the player the Broncos drafted in the first round in 2020 , and 33 receptions for 458 yards and three touchdowns over the season’s final five games.

The Broncos, with nothing to play for but pride, even took Kansas City to the wire on the road and then the Los Angeles Chargers (who inexplicably played their starters even though the Week 18 game was meaningless to them ) defeated around the season. Make no mistake, though: 2022 stunk for the Broncos, but there were things to smile about as a fan.

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