NSW Deputy Premier Paul Toole’s brother, Kurt Toole, to be sentenced for drug supply, affray

NSW Deputy Premier Paul Toole’s brother, Kurt Toole, to be sentenced for drug supply, affray

In scenes similar to TV drama Breaking Bad, a dealer bragged to his partner about selling “old school gas” as he became embroiled in drug deals and a wild bar fight – far from the halls of power that surround his older brother.

Court documents revealed the antics of 31-year-old Kurt Toole, the younger brother of NSW deputy premier and state police minister Paul Toole.

According to agreed facts presented to the NSW District Court ahead of Toole’s sentencing for drug supply and dealing on Friday, an undercover police operation caught the troubled man dealing cocaine and amphetamines in a spree that culminated in a brawl outside a NSW pub.

The first drug deal, according to phone calls and text messages intercepted by police, took place on June 8, 2020, in the NSW town of Kelso. Toole gave an associate 6g of cocaine outside Paddy’s Hotel.

The next altercation that caught the attention of snooping police was on June 19, when the same associate was recorded talking to someone about meeting at a football pitch, before Toole supplied him with 10g of cocaine.

On June 12, 2020, police recorded Toole getting into the same man’s car.

The facts reveal Toole removed a package from the inside of his pants and told (the man) it was old school gas. (Toole) told (the man) ‘if they don’t like it, I don’t know what they will like’.”

Toole opened a second plastic bag and counted out 6g of cocaine.

After an exchange in which the man promised to tell Toole “how it went,” Toole responded by “sending him a thumbs up or thumbs down” and put the pockets back down the front of his pants.

Toole told the man: “I had a brother years ago, the red one” and when they got out of the car, the man was recorded smelling the bag of amphetamines.

After Toole left, the man put the amphetamine in the bathtub outside of him and drove home, the facts state.

The next day the man was recorded talking to a friend about the drugs he bought from Toole saying “the shooters loved it and the smokers said it was like smoking diesel”.

But the drug trade was only one type of crime for which Toole would be sentenced.

On August 30 of the same year, CCTV footage captured a fight in the beer garden at the Oxford Hotel in Bathurst.

Toole and a few others got into a confrontation with a man, which escalated into pushing and shoving with more people.

According to the facts, Kurt Toole was seen grabbing the collar of one man, before another man tried to intervene and push Toole away. Toole then elbowed and punched the man in the face.

Toole approached another group of men who were fighting and slapped another person in the mouth. He left when the police arrived and was arrested almost a year later.

In October, Toole pleaded guilty to two counts of drug supply and one count of fraud. He is due to be sentenced on this, along with two more charges of drug supply, on Friday.

This is not the first time that the brother of Paul Toole – who has been open about his family’s struggle with crime in the media – has been in trouble with the law.

Kurt Toole has been jailed for seven years for supplying cannabis and methamphetamine in Newcastle.

In a difficult period for the police minister, another of his brothers, Joshua Toole, was indicted in October on a series of drug supply charges. Joshua has yet to plead to the drug supply charges and will appear in court next Wednesday for a short status (commitment).

At the time of Joshua’s arrest, Paul Toole told The Daily Telegraph he was devastated but “we are not the first family to deal with this and unfortunately we will not be the last”.

“No one is above the law.”

In light of Kurt Toole’s impending sentencing, news.com.au went to Mr. Toole’s office issued.

They said they would not comment while the case is before the court.

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