People Want Justice For Car Burglaries In Egg Harbor Township, NJ

People Want Justice For Car Burglaries In Egg Harbor Township, NJ

We told you in December that authorities in Egg Harbor Township were warning residents to keep their car doors locked. So many people reported break-ins that the cops felt it necessary to issue a warning to fellow residents.

Well, unfortunately it seems that locking your doors isn’t going to be enough anymore. Over the course of a few weeks or so, several people have shared their experiences regarding their broken into vehicles. It wasn’t pretty.

Apparently these criminals have taken it up a notch in EHT. The communities of London Court and the Atrium apartment complex have seen car windows smashed and things taken directly from their vehicles without much being done about it so far.

According to several people on Facebook, they reported the crimes and didn’t really see too much being done to help them. Imagine having your car windows smashed and nothing being done to bring the criminals responsible to justice? To add insult to injury, replacing your windows isn’t exactly cheap these days.

My question is this: what exactly are victims supposed to do after reporting these burglaries to the police? What happens next? Many say they have not yet heard back from authorities about the situation.

I spoke to one victim who had her car windows completely smashed inside the London Court development right between the Black Horse Pike and Tilton Road. She wants to remain anonymous, but she did say she’s not quite sure where to go from here. She filed a report with the police. They actually came to her residence to see the broken windows for themselves. Now she said it feels like she’s in limbo because she has no idea whether or not to expect them to contact her with more information.

She did say that the authorities confirmed with her that almost thirty cars in the area had been knocked down in the same way.

How do we make it stop? How do we get justice for these people? If you have any suggestions for these people, join the conversation on the EHT-based Facebook group HERE.

Source: Facebook

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