Ten life-affirming ways to celebrate your friend’s 30th birthday | Bay Post-Moruya Examiner

Ten life-affirming ways to celebrate your friend’s 30th birthday | Bay Post-Moruya Examiner

If you’re planning a 30th birthday bash and need to do something suitable for friends and family, karaoke may be the way to go. Photo Shutterstock.

There are so many ways to celebrate a 30th birthday, whether you want to go all out or honor the day quietly.

If there’s someone special in your life turning 30 and you’re tasked with throwing them a party – you’re in luck.

Here are 10 life-affirming ways to celebrate!

Get away for the weekend

There is no better excuse for travel than a festival. Get the gang all together to book flights and accommodation to your nearest party destination.

Maybe going to a bustling city and staying in the middle of the action is what your friend would love, or maybe a slow weekend in the country is much more their speed. Make sure you decorate your hotel room with accessories and gifts here.

Brainstorm with your group to decide which weekend getaway your friend will enjoy the most.

Plan a wine tour

A wine tour is a great way to welcome the 30s, especially if there’s a great group ready to celebrate with you.

The beauty of a wine tour is that there are many tour operators who can manage the entire event so you don’t have to coordinate all the logistics yourself.

Simply tell your birthday boy or girl where to be and when, and you can pick them up for a great day out.


A night out for karaoke is always a good laugh, and it’s the perfect activity to get happy, feel creative, dance and sing.

Even friends who claim not to enjoy karaoke will always stand up for their favorite karaoke songs, and this is something that all age groups can enjoy. If you are planning a 30th birthday party and need to do something suitable for friends and family – this is it!

Plan a pamper day

A pamper day is a wonderful way to treat your special friend – mind, body and soul. It doesn’t matter what they do for a living for the year they’ve had, we could all do with a little relaxation and pampering.

You can book your group at a salon, or you can hire beauty therapists to come to your home and pamper you all in a comfortable setting.

Another benefit of this idea is that it’s suitable for a group or just the two of you – whatever you think your 30-year-old friend would love.

Kick back at a picnic

There is no rule that says a 30th birthday celebration has to be a decadent affair.

You may prefer to plan a simple picnic if your birthday person prefers less of a fuss, and would rather spend the special day connecting with friends.

If there is a park or green space that they have expressed a love for in the past, be sure to plan the picnic for that location.

Nice brunch

A boozy brunch is always a great day out, and perfect if you have a very large number of friends who want to join in the celebration.

Depending on the city you live in, many booze brunches come with in-house entertainment, so you can enjoy a drag performance, live music, or other entertainment as you work your way through a set menu and endless drinks.

To make the day extra fun, tell all the participants to dress in one color or print so that your group is recognizable and your photos look great.

A camping trip

A camping trip is always a wholesome adventure, and you’re sure to return home with more than a few funny stories behind you.

Choose somewhere not too far so that your group can get there easily, but make sure you go far enough that you feel disconnected during your stay.

Planning a camping trip can be a big task, so be sure to delegate the work to your friends so that someone brings an esky, someone brings a tent and another person brings the activities.

Take an art class

There’s a big trend of going to a studio for an evening of wine and painting and that might sound right up your friend’s alley.

There are many of these businesses in all major cities, and you can plan to have a meal before or after class so you can all compare your masterpieces.

Take a ride on the water

If you live near a body of water, why not head straight to the water for the 30th with the wind in your hair?

You can hire boats in a variety of sizes for a few hours and there is often the option to bring your own food and drink abroad for a fun day out.

You can also book a waterside breakfast before you leave or enjoy a meal after you disembark.

Plan an outdoor activity

All of these ideas are fun, but you may have a friend who would rather get outdoors and sweat it out on their birthday.

It might be a walk in the woods or the forest, or you might want to go for a day of running where you can test your endurance and stop to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Measure what kind of outdoor activity they will enjoy the most and start searching for the best destination!

We hope there is one life-affirming celebration that jumps out for you for your friend. You only turn 30 once, so don’t leave any detail unnoticed and plan the ultimate birthday celebration.

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