Three kittens dumped in plastic bag now up for adoption

Three kittens dumped in plastic bag now up for adoption

KITTENS dumped in a plastic bag on a doorstep now need a new loving home.

The cute cats, who snuggle up and sleep together, are now housed at the RSPCA Worcester and Mid – Worcestershire branch at The Holdings in Holdings Lane, Kempsey, near Worcester.

The animals were left at an address in Redditch as the hunt began to find them a new home.

A spokesman said: “Two days into the new year we received a call from a member of the public to say three kittens had been dumped on their doorstep in a plastic bag.

“Our Cattery Team Leader was straight to the point, and she collected the kittens and has fostered them ever since (not all heroes wear capes!)!

“It was a round-the-clock job as these kittens were only about 3 weeks old when they were rescued, so 3-hour feedings are necessary…when you hand-replace kittens, sleep deprivation is part of the deal .

LOVELY: The tiny abandoned kittens are showing each other love and are now at The Holdings in Kempsey waiting to find a new loving home (Image: RSPCA (Mid Worcestershire))

“It was worth it though because Malcolm, Marcus and Mathew are now growing like weeds and they have the biggest personalities (you may remember them as Marjorie, Maribel and Millicent from a previous post…somewhere along the line there was a ‘ a change in gender, as we realized they are actually all boys).

“Malcolm is the biggest of the three and the leader… he’s brave and confident.

“Marcus is the naughtiest and the most loving. Mathew is the smallest and the least confident. He has developed more slowly than his brothers and follows their example.

“They are all incredibly loving; total cuddle monsters who will climb into a lap every chance they get!

Fostered with dogs and adult cats, they are very confident around them, love to cuddle with the dogs and not a bit bothered when one of the cats (a slightly feisty ex-Holdings resident) hisses at them not.

“They all sleep together, and are clearly great pals, so we don’t have the heart to break up this great trio who have been through so much together… that’s why we’re looking for a home for them as ‘ a three!

“If you can offer this to them, we would love to hear from you! Please visit our website to complete a Perfect Match form, and email it to [email protected]

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