What Your Uber Eats Delivery Driver Knows About You and Your Order

What Your Uber Eats Delivery Driver Knows About You and Your Order

Uber Eats has launched a new feature to reassure consumers how it keeps their personal data safe. Drivers can’t see how users rate them and don’t have access to credit card data, Uber Eats said. The new feature comes as TikTok confrontations between managers and customers go viral. Loading Something is currently loading.

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Have you ever wondered what your food delivery driver knows about you?

Uber Eats customers now have an answer. Customers who order from the app can access a new “View as Delivery Person” feature, which was rolled out last week.

Uber said the feature allows Uber Eats users to link to a screen that shows how the food courier sees their order.

Once the food delivery is complete, drivers do not have access to a customer’s address, Uber Eats said. Notably, drivers also don’t know how you rated them because the company “wants you to feel safe and confident when you rate your delivery person because your feedback matters to us,” according to Uber’s website.

“View as a Delivery Person is designed to increase transparency and provide consumers with added peace of mind,” an Uber Eats representative told Insider on Monday.

“While most interactions are delightful, we’ve also found that when awkward or unwanted interactions occur, it’s concerning,” Uber Eats told Insider. “Delivery platforms receive thousands of tickets each year from consumers concerned about the information a delivery person has on them after an awkward interaction, so we’ve created a product to alleviate those concerns for Uber Eats consumers.”

Zach Singleton, head of product for privacy and equity, told trade publication Restaurant Dive that women are 53% more likely to be concerned about how their data is shared with delivery drivers.

Managers never see a user’s credit card number, phone number, the rating they give to couriers, profile picture or last name. According to the company, the photo taken of your delivery is also deleted after the delivery person closes the app.

Here’s what couriers can see during the delivery process:

approximate delivery location when the request is made first name and last initial of the users while the delivery is in progress exact delivery location while the delivery is in progress customer notes

Concert manager Sergio Avedian said he thinks Uber Eats introduced this new feature to reassure consumers amid a surge in viral TikTok and YouTube videos showing angry drivers confronting customers over skimpy tips or tips. The latter is when customers promise a large tip to get faster service, but they reduce it or delete it after the delivery is complete.

“They try to make the customer feel safe that their information is being disclosed in steps, and then this information is gone,” Avedian, an Uber and Uber Eats driver in the Los Angeles area, told Insider.

Avedian, a senior contributor for the performance driver advocacy blog The Rideshare Guy, said those viral videos make “honest drivers” like him look bad. He said he understands the transparency Uber Eats is trying to achieve with the customer.

“The customer is the one who lays the golden egg,” Avedian said. “The manager is replaceable.”

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