Word On Beers Street: That’s The Drill

Word On Beers Street: That’s The Drill

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Eugene J. Foreman Jr. seemed surprisingly calm with his walkie-talkie on the Beers Street sidewalk outside Augusta Lewis Troup School when a siren sounded and children streamed out of the building.

“Fire emergency,” said a voice on a loudspeaker.

“This is our monthly fire drill,” Foreman, Troup’s principal, explained to listeners of the “Word on the Street” segment of WNHH FM’s “LoveBabz Love Talk” program as he described his charges’ movements outside the K‑8 -monitored school. “We have to get them in before February 1, so the students are aware of how to evacuate the building and make sure everyone gets out safely.”

The students and teachers were used to the drill; they knew where to go. After 27 years in public education starting at Helene Grant School, Foreman is also used to the drill. Usually, new kindergarten or pre-K students need some reassurance at first when they hear the alarms, he said. After that it moves like clockwork.

Foreman has been at the helm of Troup for four years. In public education years, this became a long term even before Covid-19 shook up schools nationwide. For example, Troup quickly went through four principals before Foreman came along, he said.

His secret to staying so chill?

“You just have to be patient. Patient and flexible,” he said.

“I like the children. The kids make it work for me.”

Teachers led classrooms back from the athletic field. Foreman also stepped in. Brand “emergency” at bay, Black History Month calls, with a plate decorating contest underway and programs to plan.

You can watch the full conversation with Eugene Foreman on the ​“Word on the Street” segment of WNHHFM’s ​“LoveBabz LoveTalk” show in the video above.

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