Alberta Pensions Services puts a premium on values

Alberta Pensions Services puts a premium on values

Breadcrumb trail connects Alberta’s top employers

Published Jan 30, 2023 • 3 minute read

Darwin Bozek, president and CEO (right), attends a company-wide barbecue at Alberta Pensions Services. PROVIDE Article Content

Christopher Osomo says he had his sights set on Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS) for several years before he started working there. Indeed, he could even see APS headquarters from his home in southwest Edmonton.

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The proximity was interesting. But what he really wanted was the opportunity to make better use of his degree in business and commerce than he had so far in jobs. Osomo says he was also attracted to APS’s reputation as a value-driven employer that supports its people in meaningful ways.

So, when the opportunity presented itself in 2016, he joined the Crown corporation – and has been in his element ever since. His responsibilities as a member services representative include answering a wide variety of questions from current and retired public sector employees about their pensions.

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“I love to talk and I especially like to talk about pensions. I feel it is a privilege to make sure our members have the information they need to make informed decisions,” says Osomo.

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Founded in 1995, APS provides pension administration services for more than 500 public sector employers in Alberta, including municipalities and hospitals as well as various provincial bodies. APS administers approximately $6 billion in pension funds annually and also provides pension-related services to more than 370,000 members and pensioners.

Darwin Bozek, president and CEO, says that as an organization that administers pensions on behalf of its clients, APS does not have a prominent public profile. Still, he’s not surprised when new hires say they first heard about the organization through word of mouth.

Many are drawn to how the organization embodies its mission and values ​​of service excellence, quality and accountability, says Bozek.

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“We are a caring organization. We care about the important work we do and we care about the people who do the work,” he says.

That attitude is reflected in how APS prioritizes employee growth and professional development, says Tamara Janzen, vice president of human resources and organizational development. She speaks from experience.

“I wasn’t a vice president when I started here in 2011, but someone saw something in me and made sure I received the mentorship and training I needed to move forward in my career,” says Janzen. .

APS offers employees a variety of educational opportunities, both on-site and through external learning programs. She adds that in addition to a formal career development program, managers are equipped to include regular career development discussions in weekly employee one-on-one sessions. It helps keep people on track, whether they want to progress or transition as their career develops.

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APS also has initiatives to maintain a collegial, engaging work environment, Janzen says. In addition to an employee-led committee that organizes various activities to create staff connections and support diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the year, the organization hosts events such as regular town halls, online activities and a holiday luncheon.

When the majority of employees were working from home during the pandemic, some meetings were held virtually. Despite their limitations, Janzen says, the virtual events still helped employees feel connected.

“In 2022, when we held our first personal summer barbecue in two years, it was like a big family reunion – everyone was so happy,” she adds.

APS has since adopted a hybrid model and, like other employees, Osomo works mainly from home with a few days in the office. The way APS has taken care of employee health and well-being throughout the pandemic is the latest addition to a long list of reasons he says he appreciates working there.

“I have always felt that I was listened to, that my ideas and contributions were valued. It was everything I expected and more,” says Osomo.

This story was produced by Mediacorp in partnership with Postmedia, on behalf of Alberta Pensions Services Corporation.

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