MAFS 2023 couples: Brides and grooms matched into couples

MAFS 2023 couples: Brides and grooms matched into couples

Married At First Sight is back with a bang and there’s a whole new slew of singles ready to risk it all in the hope of finding true love.

Experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla sifted through thousands of applicants to hand-pick the matches that have the best chance of creating a lasting relationship.

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With hearts already fluttering, it looks like we’re heading into a season of serious romance. Here are all the couples matched on Season 10 in 2023.

Lyndall and Cameron

With cystic fibrosis, Lyndall never thought she would be able to have a long-term relationship. But thanks to a new miracle drug that extended her life by 40 years, the 27-year-old accountant has a new life and is ready to throw herself into the deep end.

The same goes for Cameron, a carpenter working in the remote Northern Territory. The nature of his job has made it difficult to find love and at 27, Cameron is ready to jump headfirst into his very first relationship.

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The experts think that Lyndall and Cameron’s shared sense of adventure will make them the perfect pair heading into the MAFS experiment.

“They both have a very similar mindset of ‘this is a new chapter’, for Cam it’s literally the first chapter in terms of relationships and for Lyndall it’s ‘I can finally open up to love’,” says expert Mel .

From the moment they meet at the altar, it’s clear that Lyndall and Cameron have serious chemistry.

During their wedding reception, the couple discovered many common interests, including their love of red Thai curry and country music.

But the big moment came when Lyndall revealed to Cameron that she had cystic fibrosis.

In Lyndall’s words, Cameron “took it really well”, he supported his new bride and was “thrilled” to hear that she had a second chance at life.

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Lyndall and Cameron’s wedding album

The bride tells her new groom about her health condition.

Check out GalleryBronte and Harrison

There’s no doubt that Harrison, 32, is a confident guy. The builder is very confident and says “people will either love him or hate him”.

But beneath the tough exterior, Harrison admits that at heart he is “an old-school romantic who believes in falling in love and having a family”.

Bronte, an online beauty educator from Western Australia, is also someone who is “over that old school romance” and is looking for the same kind of relationship as her parents, who have been married for more than 30 years.

“I think one thing we won’t be missing from Harrison and Bronte is passion, however it manifests,” says Alessandra about the match.

And Alessandra is right on the money with her analysis. The second Harrison and Bronte lock eyes there is a spark and the pair both admit that there is a physical attraction there.

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But it’s not long before a different kind of passion bubbles to the surface, when rumors that Harrison has an on-the-go girlfriend rock the wedding day.

The wedding day excitement quickly turns tense when Bronte confronts Harrison about the rumours, and when he doesn’t fully deny them, their relationship is already in the balance.

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Bronte and Harrison’s wedding album

One shocking revelation ruins the whole day.

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