Actor Warwick Davis backs petition to save Cambridgeshire school

Actor Warwick Davis backs petition to save Cambridgeshire school

The petition was launched by parents of the school who were upset by the decision of Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) to consider closing the school and has reached more than 760 signatures.

The Star Wars actor tweeted in support of the campaign and encouraged people to sign, praising the school for the “great things” they had done for his son, adding: “It would be a travesty to close it to see”.

This school has done great things for my son, @HarrisonWDavis. It would be a travesty to see it up close. If you feel inclined and believe in good teaching and learning environments, please sign the petition below. Thank you!

— Warwick Davis (@WarwickADavis) January 26, 2023

CCC said the future viability of the school was being considered due to an ongoing drop in pupil numbers, with Warwick, who lives near Peterborough, joining several residents in opposing the decision.

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Great Gidding is one of Cambridgeshire’s oldest and now smallest schools, with pupil numbers falling from 75 to 47 in the last 10 years.

Thirty-five of those pupils came from outside the school’s predominantly rural catchment area, with CCC predicting the pattern to continue and pupils on roll to fall below 40 in September 2023.

In response, the petition said: “While Great Gidding Church of England Primary School is a smaller school compared to those in the area, this is what makes them so much better.

Warwick Davis, who lives near Peterborough, during a visit to Witchford Primary School in Ely on October 19, 2018. (Image: Harry Rutter)

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“The teachers and all staff members are compassionate, caring and welcoming. They always have time for you and the children.

CCC’s Children and Young People’s Committee has since launched a consultation to seek views on the possible closure and the transfer of pupils to other suitable local schools.

Bryony Goodliffe, chair of the committee, said: “This is an important consultation with significant implications for Great Gidding Primary School.

“It is essential that we take everyone’s views into account, so we want the views of as many people as possible.

“This will allow us to make an informed decision about what steps to take next.”

The consultation ends on 21 February and to have your say on the school’s future, visit the county council’s website.

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