Big week of golf at Gympie

Big week of golf at Gympie

2023 Gympie Golf Club Ladies Club Champions – Yoey Coogan, Stella Macklin, Del Grondwater, Debbie Deighton.

By Dorothy Bramley

With the heat and humidity and a little wet underfoot in some places after the storm earlier in the week, it was certainly a tough day at the office for the Gympie Golf Club Ladies.

On Wednesday 15 March the ladies played a Singles Stableford.

It was great to have new member Colleen Shires with them for her first official game in the Ladies Wednesday comp.

Here’s to many more happy golf hours Colleen.

Winner was Lorraine Elliott with 31 Stableford points.

Runner up, our ever consistent ‘Golden Oldie’ Del Groundwater 30 points on a countback from Colleen Shires.

Colleen Shires (30) and Dorothy Bramley (29) won balls in the Rundown. Pin Shots: Open: Par 3 – 16th – Del Grondwater; Division 1: Par 3 – 17th – Lydia Costello; Division 2: Par 3 – 3rd – Colleen Shires.

Nett Eagles: Dorothy Bramley (3rd, 4th and 8th) and Lorraine Elliott (13th).

Carol Ward won the Accuracy Drive on Par 4 – 4th with Dorothy Bramley scoring three ferrets.

Julia Webb is on her way to enjoy her coffee compliments of ‘Little h Café’, Southside.

Seven of our ladies started early on Wednesday to attend Nanango Ladies Open Day.

By all accounts a great day, but unfortunately no big wins.

Saturday 18th March, another steamy and uncomfortable day, ladies and members played a Singles which was also the 3rd Round of the Hayman Electrical – Partner Accounting Club Championships.

Daily winner was Helen Tossavainen with a great score of 68 net on a countback from Runner-up Yoey Coogan. Great golf ladies. Charlotte Rensonnet (72), Karen Mills, Maureen Carroll (73), Colleen Shires, Del Groundwater and Stella Macklin (75) won vouchers in the Rundown. Pin Shots: Open: Par 3 – 16th – Lesley Sutton; Division 1: Par 3 – 3rd – Maureen Carroll; Division 2: Par 3 – 12th – Debbie Deighton. Birdies: Lesley Sutton and Helen Tossavainen both scored birdies on the Par 3 – 17th.

On Sunday, March 19, the 4th and final round of the Club Championships was played. Daily winner was Lorraine Elliott 70 nett. Helen Tossavainen came Runner Up on 73 nett. Clair Thorburn (75), Del Groundwater, Maureen Carroll, Charlotte Rensonnet (76) and Yoey Coogan (77) won vouchers in the Rundown. Pin Shots: Open: Par 3 – 16th – Lesley Sutton; Division 1: Par 3 – 9th – Maureen Carroll; Division 2: Par 3 – 17th – Helen Tossavainen. Clair Thorburn was the only smart person to record a birdie which was on the Par 3 – 17th.

Results of the Hayman Electrical – Partner Accounting Ladies Club Championships:

Gross Winner and Ladies Club Champion: Del Groundwater (361), Runner Up: Stella Macklin (384)

Nett winner: Yoey Coogan (300), Runner up: Debbie Deighton (299).

The top 8 Nett players who qualified for the Match Play are: Yoey Coogan, Debbie Deighton, Lorraine Elliott, Charlotte Rensonnet, Dorothy Bramley, Karen Mills, Stella Macklin and Helen Tossavainen.

First round of Match Play will be played on Sunday 16 April. For more information contact Ladies Captain – Stella Macklin.

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all the ladies who completed the four rounds which equates to: 72 holes, approximately 16.5 hours and 21 kms.

Men’s Club Championship results are as follows:

A degree:

Gross Winner and Men’s Club Champion: Glen Hourigan;

Runner-up: John Towler

Nett winner: Geoff Pelling;

Runner-up: Ron Hall

B grade:

Gross winner: Robin Kingma;

Runner-up: Rolan Brook

Nett Winner: Brock Walker;

Runner-up: Mark Stratton

C grade:

Gross winner: Guy Anderson;

Runner-up: Glenn Irwin

Nett winner: Stuart Powell;

Runner-up: Russell Behrens, but because Russell was a big sponsor, prize is awarded to the runner-up – Bob McPherson.

Tomorrow, Saturday 25 March ladies and members will play an Irish 4 Ball.

On Wednesday (March 29) ladies are scheduled to play a Two Person Stableford – Aussie 6 Pack.

A reminder, starting April 5, Wednesday games will be at 10:30 am.

Saturday still goes through MiClub as per time sheet.

There are some Away Games coming up.

If you are interested have a look at the Away Book in the Members’ Room or contact Ladies’ Captain – Stella Macklin.

Have fun playing golf and keep smiling.

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