BOM Queensland, NSW, Victoria, SA, NT and WA weather forecast: Storms, heat and snow predicted across Australia this week

BOM Queensland, NSW, Victoria, SA, NT and WA weather forecast: Storms, heat and snow predicted across Australia this week

Wild and dramatic weather is expected to hit large parts of the country this week, with scorching temperatures forecast in some places and a chance of snow in others.

The monsoon trough will continue to drive rainfall and storms across northwest WA, while lows will bring showers and storms to western parts of the state, the NT, Queensland and eastern NSW.

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Cooler, drier westerly winds with high pressure should continue for Victoria and Tasmania.


Sydney is set to remain hot and humid, with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting high chances of a shower every day until the heat reaches a peak of 31C on Friday, February 3.

It is predicted to be sunny and warm on the following days.

There is a chance of snow across the NSW snowfields, with falls forecast as possible everywhere except Jindabyne.


Temperatures in Melbourne are forecast to be mild, with showers in the middle of the week.

The Bureau predicts an “extreme UV index on Monday and Tuesday and a “very high” UV index on Wednesday and Thursday.


Brisbane is hot and humid throughout the week, with showers forecast throughout the week, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A maximum temperature of 35C is forecast for Friday and Saturday.

Severe thunderstorms are forecast for south-west Queensland, with the Bureau warning there is a high risk of flash flooding.


Perth residents should expect to sweat throughout the week, starting with a high of 39C predicted for Monday.

There is almost no chance of relief with no showers forecast and an “extreme” UV index throughout the week.


Those in Adelaide are in for a warm start to the week, with a maximum temperature of 27C on Monday.

Milder temperatures are forecast for later in the week, along with some rain.


Mild temperatures are forecast for Hobart throughout the week, with a strong chance of showers disrupting the weekend.

A “very high” UV index is forecast throughout the week.


In Canberra, the Bureau is predicting a strong chance of showers early in the week.

High temperatures are expected midweek, with a maximum of 29C predicted for Wednesday.


High temperatures are forecast for Darwin throughout the week, with a maximum of 32C predicted on Monday and then again every day until Sunday, when a high of 33C is expected.

The Bureau says there is a strong chance of showers throughout the week.

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