Centenary Torch Relay reminder of Legacy commitment

Centenary Torch Relay reminder of Legacy commitment

Legacy Centenary Torch Relay national ambassador and dual Olympian Dr. Jana Pittman.

By Angela Norval

In 2023, Legacy marks its 100th year with the six-month 55,000km Centenary Torch Relay presented by Defense Health traveling from Pozieres France in the run-up to Anzac Day, through to central London, before returning home to Australia, and all 45 Visit Legacy Club locations. , which concludes in Melbourne in October.

The torch will travel 55,000km, through 100 stops, and will be carried by approximately 1,500 torchbearers, all of whom have a personal connection to Legacy, either as current or former Army personnel, or a member of their family, including dual Olympian and army reservist Dr Jana Pittman as national ambassador.

Legacy is one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted charities, with its roots in a battlefield promise, from the trenches in Pozieres, on the Western Front in the First World War.

It was a promise of a soldier to his dying comrade, “I will look after the mistress and the children”; one that has been honored since the first Legacy Club was established in Melbourne in 1923, supporting veteran families and keeping the promise alive into the future.

The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay, founded by Sir Stanley Savige (inspired by Sir John Gellibrand), aims not only to commemorate the past century, but also to highlight what the future holds for the organisation.

Continue to salute their sacrifice and provide ongoing care to those who have given so much, honor the past, thank the present and build the future for Legacy.

Bundaberg Legacy president Len Gordon said this milestone reminded them of the importance of remembering those who have gone before and to recognize the effort it took to care for so many families of veterans.

“For me personally, it was more than 50 years ago that Legacy provided support to my mother after the death of my father.

“The key role of Legacy is to care for the families of veterans who have given their life or health in defense of our nation.

“That role has not diminished over the years even though the number of widows has decreased. Bundaberg remains an over 55 hotspot for retiring Armed Forces members and as such our role continues and it is expected that there will be an increase in families dealing with supporting members who have given up their health.”

Bundaberg Legacy looks after families from Agnes Waters, Bundaberg and the beaches, Howard and up to Mount Perry.

This will be further highlighted when The Legacy Centenary Torch arrives in Bundaberg on 4 June after completing an event in Rockhampton on 2 June.

The torch relay will start at the Bundaberg Barrel at around 10am and travel through downtown Bundaberg before ending at Legacy House (11 Williams Road) at around 1pm.

“Volunteers for the torch relay have been finalised, but organizers Legacy Australia and Perfect Events will require Bundaberg residents to volunteer to fulfill some of the support functions’ roles, such as helping with registrations and check-ins, walking with torchbearers, or as managers. and general event all-rounders.

“Bundaberg residents are encouraged to also come out on the day to support the torch relay participants as it will be a very memorable moment.

“All of Legacy will watch the start of the relay in France as it heads to London before it begins its trek from Albany on May 2.

“On the day I am honored to start the torch relay at the Bundaberg Barrel with the first 200 meters before handing the torch to the next participant and will monitor the relay as it progresses to ensure that all our participants arrive safely at Legacy House. “

As Legacy celebrates its 100th year, Bundaberg Legacy, like many other important local organisations, will always require new volunteers to join the club as the normal age of a volunteer is over 55 and as their circumstances change and they may or may not be able to continue their support of the families.

“When we meet people at fundraising events around the Wye Bay area, we try to give them an understanding of our support for the families in the hope that they might want to join our cause.

“Membership is open to all people in the region, not just those who have served members of the Australian Armed Forces.

“If you would like to join Legacy, please come to our office where we can provide you with more information about what we do.”

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