Dead Space Remake (2023) Schematic locations

Dead Space Remake (2023) Schematic locations

Dead Space (2023) is a remake of EA’s 2008 survival horror classic. This new iteration of the beloved sci-fi third-person shooter is an almost one-to-one recreation of the original, with added skins, side quests, and other minor gameplay features.

The Dead Space remake requires players to track down schemes to upgrade weapons, Isaac’s suit, and abilities. Players will also be rewarded with a unique achievement for discovering all 13 schemes. As the enemies increase in difficulty, players will likely want to choose these schemes to keep up with strong necromorphs.

Whether you’re trying to pick up all 13 schemes on your first playthrough or circling back to see what you missed, these are the locations for schemes in Dead Space (2023).

Dead Space (2023) how to find every schematic

Dead Space (2023) features 13 schemes in total, allowing players to upgrade weapons, armor and other equipment needed to navigate the Ishimura. Below are all the schematics in order, and how to find them.

Schematic Name ChapterLocationPulse RoundChapter TwoOnce players enter the Coolant Pipe, look to the left and you will seePulse Round Schematics.Stasis PackChapter TwoGo to the left of Dr. Brennan’s office to find the Main Lab locker room. Turn right and you’ll see the schematics on a bench.Medium Med PackChapter ThreeOnce the Decontamination Room is over, players will find a locker in the connected room that contains these schematics.Ripper BladesChapter ThreeAfter players use the first elevator, look for the nearest open room The schematic will be on the floor.Flath Thrower FuelChapter ThreeThis schematic is found in the engine room. Look for the Primary Engine panel, the schematic will be next to it. Intermediate Engineer GuideChapter Four Players will be able to find this schematic in the EVA Prep Room, just before you complete the Calibrate Three ADS Cannons quest. Line RacksChapter FiveReach the Observation Room and step into the next room. Avoid using the lift and instead turn right onto Dr. B Warwick’s office. If you have obtained Security Clearance level two enter the room and find the schematic inside.Force EnergyChapter Six Go to Air Filtration Tower and search for electrical traps. This schematic will be located between these traps and stasis will be needed to safely grab the schematic.Contact EnergyChapter Seven Go to Deck B: Processing Area and clear the space of Necromorphs. Once you complete it, look for a locked room with a broken window nearby. Players can enter through the window or shoot the lock off the door to gain access to the room and this schematic.Intermediate Mining ToolChapter SevenFind the Equipment Workshop and search the nearby desk.Oxygen TankChapter EightTravel to Floor Four and look for the fuel station. Players will need level two security clearance to enter the room. The schematic will be found inside.Large Med PackChapter Nine Go to the Infirmary and look for the desk near the entrance.Advanced Engineering GuideChapter TenThe final schematic will be found on a bench in the Crew Quarters bathroom.

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