Siaosi Teisina Fifita: Father of Gold Coast NRL star refused bail over alleged months-long crime spree

Siaosi Teisina Fifita: Father of Gold Coast NRL star refused bail over alleged months-long crime spree

The father of NRL star David Fifita is accused of breaking into an elderly man’s home while he slept during an alleged crime spree spanning several months, a court has been told.

Siaosi Teisina Fifita applied for bail in the High Court in Brisbane on a range of charges, some of which include entering a dwelling with intent, failing to appear in court and numerous unlicensed and unregistered driving offences.

Mr. Fifita’s son David, who plays for the Gold Coast Titans, has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

His lawyer Emily Lewsey said on Monday that Mr. Fifita risks serving too much time in custody for the alleged offenses with his sentencing, which is described as not that serious in the circumstances.

The court was informed that Mr. Fifita has already spent 50 days in pre-trial detention on remand.

“There is still some delay – the case is not yet in a position to be concluded in Richlands Magistrates’ Court,” Ms Lewsey said.

She said her client is expected to plead guilty to most offenses with plea bargaining.

Ms Lewsey argued her client was willing to comply with strict conditions, including a curfew and submitting clean drug and alcohol tests, if he was granted bail.

According to an affidavit filed by his ex-wife, Mr Fifita suffered from “significant mental and physical disability”.

Supreme Court Justice Sean Cooper said he had “little confidence” when he considered Mr. Considering Fifita’s previous history of failing to appear at court.

The court was told that Mr. Fifita allegedly entered a house on February 19 last year through a sliding door after trying to open a window.

“While moving around the kitchen, he disturbed an elderly man who was sleeping,” Justice Cooper said.

“When he was approached … there was a brief discussion and the applicant then left shortly afterwards.”

Days later, Mr Fifita allegedly drove a car with plates belonging to another vehicle while unlicensed.

Police followed him into a driveway, where he was found hiding behind some bins in a garden.

“The occupants of the address did not know the applicant,” said Judge Cooper.

“His presence in the garden is the basis for the trespassing offence.”

Other alleged offenses include that Mr. Fifita drove a car with the wrong number plates attached while unlicensed and uninsured and that he refused to provide a sample to the police when they stopped him for an RBT.

He is also accused of failing to appear at courts in Brisbane and Richlands on separate dates.

The court was informed that Mr. Fifita had previous convictions for failure to appear and other offenses breaching previous court orders.

“That history leaves me with little confidence that the imposition of conditions will act to … reduce risks in any meaningful way,” Judge Cooper said.

He eventually refused Mr Fifita bail.

Mr. Fifita’s charges will be mentioned at Richlands Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Originally published Father of NRL star David Fifita accused of trespassing, burglary in months-long crime spree, court told

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