Bonza Airlines: Routes, destinations, owner and everything to know about the newest Australian airline

Bonza Airlines: Routes, destinations, owner and everything to know about the newest Australian airline

The first flight of the new airline Bonza has taken off, marking a new chapter in Australian aviation history.

Bonza pitched itself as a low-cost, ultra-Aussie airline.

The airline does things a little differently.

Low-cost airline Bonza has claimed its entry into the Australian market will mean lower fares for Aussies. (Supply)

Rather than buying tickets from a website, Bonza directs customers to download their app and do it there.

If you don’t want to download the app, the only other option is to go to the travel agent.

Where will Bonza Airlines fly to?

Bonza is set up to serve less common routes, which usually include regional airports.

This means that for now there are no flights to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth.

All flights to Melbourne land at Avalon.

Cairns to RockhamptonCairns to MackaySunshine Coast to AvalonSunshine Coast to MilduraSunshine Coast to CairnsSunshine Coast to MackaySunshine Coast to TownsvilleSunshine Coast to Whitsunday CoastSunshine Coast to Coffs HarbourSunshine Coast to NewcastleSunshine CoastTNewcastleSunshine Coast to Rockhamne CoastSunshine Coast to RockhamneSunshine CoasttNewcastleSunshine Coast to

Bonza said flights from its second base at Melbourne Airport would be on sale “within a matter of weeks”.

Flights to and from Tamworth, Toowoomba Wellcamp, Gladstone and Bundaberg are listed as “coming soon”.

Bonza was founded by Tim Jordan, Lidia Valenzuela and Peter McNally, and Jordan is the CEO.

But the majority stake in the airline is owned by 777 Partners, an investment firm based in Miami, in the US.

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Bonza mostly flies less served regional routes. (Supply)

What are Bonza Airlines’ prices?

Tickets start at $49 one-way for shorter flights.

The longer flights cost up to $79.

“We’re about travel for the many, not the few,” Jordan told Today.

“We’re about visiting friends and family and that’s our focus.”

How is Bonza Airlines food?

Bonza says it has an all-Australian menu of food and drink, which you order and pay for on board.

Like many other low-budget airlines, there are no complimentary in-flight meals.

Bonza does not allow you to view the menu until you are on board.

The Bonza in flight app lists food choices. (Nine / Provided) Sign up here to receive our daily newsletters and news releases, delivered directly to your inbox.

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