Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: January 2023

Boss Hunting’s Favourite Things: January 2023

Every month in the Boss Hunting office, we’re lucky enough to taste, find, sample, explore, and curate some of the coolest stuff the world has to offer. From hotels and sneakers to restaurants and tropical islands, these are Boss Hunting’s favorite things for January 2023.

Compiled by Nick Kenyon, Randy Lai, Nick Mayor, John McMahon, Chris Singh and Oscar Green

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Atlantis The Royal / Beyonce’s private concert

I was invited to the grand opening weekend of Dubai’s new billion dollar resort, Atlantis The Royal. Who would say no to a private concert by Beyonce followed by an after party from Swedish House Mafia? I’m glad I didn’t because it was absolutely one of the biggest and most extravagant events I’ve ever been to in my career. Beyonce’s multi-disciplinary show was insanely good, and it was surrounded by amazing drinking and dining experiences. Heston’s first ever cocktail bar was my place to visit at the end of every night, and rooftop bar Cloud 22 is something everyone should put on their list when in Dubai. – Chris

New Balance BB480

I’ve been searching for the perfect everyday white sneakers for a while. Looking for the versatility, an attractive price point and, most importantly, convenience. Enter new balance BB480. A tribute to the brands 1980s basketball shoes, the BB480 (I chose triple white) offers casual class with extreme comfort, thanks to the Ortholite sole. It is this Ortholite sole, which molds to my sole, that allows me to wear these sneakers daily with ease. A simple shoe executed to perfection – it really is a pleasure to put it on every morning. – Nick Mayor

Pandoro from CUÍT HK

As anyone within a multi-kilometer radius of our office well knows, I’ve been raving about my recent trip to Hong Kong for the Christmas break for the past two weeks. (Indeed, I felt so strongly about how much the +852 still has to offer that I wrote an entire travel guide on the subject – covering retailers, restaurants and swish hotels in the region I ardently love.) But I get sidetracked.

Point is, somewhere along the way I managed to sneak in a casual dinner among friends; in which I was introduced to Tiffany Tse – baker and co-founder behind Cuít, Hong Kong’s answer to premium establishments in the style of Falco Melbourne or Sydney’s AP Bakery. Granted, I understand how counter-intuitive it may sound – to link a bakery located in East Asia to Aussie readers – but if you’re the kind of fancy Asian hand who has family and friends who live in the + 852 homes, Cuít’s range of handmade small-batch pieces make beautiful gifts all year round.

When you consider Cuít’s name – borrowed from the French cooking term, bien cuit – one should not be surprised that the flagship item to order is the sourdough: a juxtaposition between the golden shard-like crust and fragrant, almost flaxen interior. Available in a range of flavors (ranging from classic ‘country white’ to the fully loaded ‘potato and cheese’), these loaves hardly require me to give you the proverbial hard sell. Rather, what I was most impressed with was the pandoro (~$70): a type of Veronese sweet bread, distinct from the much better known panetton, which is popular during festive holidays in Italy.

One bite of this thing is proof enough to convince you of Tse’s bona fides (she also cut her teeth working in the pastry department at 2-Michelin star Ta Vie). Eggy and ethereally fluffy when fresh, it’s made with AOP-designated French butter; farm fresh eggs from the Hong Kong countryside; and Mitsui Johakuto – a killer formulation of white sugar popular in Japan, known for its soft and textured flavor. Presented in a green and gold embossed box – more akin to what you’d see at your local Bottega Veneta – it can be stored in the freezer for up to one month. Despite Australia’s strict biosecurity laws, I would have brought back half a dozen of these delicious little leaves. – Randy

N5 Saigon

I recently made the move to live in Ho Chi Minh City and as much as I love living in Melbourne (I’ll be back, don’t worry), moving to the biggest city in Vietnam has just reminds me how much fun you can have exploring unknown streets and the hidden gems you may stumble upon. One such gem is N5 Saigon, which I was introduced to by a friend and I was immediately impressed by how masterfully lit it was (it’s almost pitch black, but somehow you can still see everything).

The next thing that impressed me was the quality of the cocktail making, which is already high in Saigon, but the bartender’s mastery of their ingredients and the precision of their presentation left an impression. I enjoyed my Sour Apple (Hakuto Premium Gin, Tanqueray Gin, Dolin Dry, Midori, Orange Bitter & Apple Cordial) which was N5 Saigon’s take on an apple martini and if you ever find yourself in Ho Chi Minh City, is a must visit. – Nick Kenyon

Oakley Latch Prizm Sunglasses

I’ve always struggled to find sunglasses that I like and feel comfortable with, until I found the Oakley Latch Prizm sunglasses, treading a fresh path from the forerunners of style, this design inspired by influential athletes is shaped with a classic keyhole bridge and the curves of rounded lens orbitals, and we’ve designed it with the convenience of an inside kick-up feature that lets you clip it to your shirt. – Oscar

QT Perth

My second stay at the QT’s west coast flagship hotel was no different than the first. Warm, plentiful and delicious on every level. I spent almost a week here over the break (a long time to spend at any hotel, to be honest), and the novelty just refused to wear off. Starting at the top, the QT Rooftop is about as good as it gets for views, drinks and food in the heart of Murray Street and loves to unpack on a sunny Friday or Saturday night.

The Santini Bar and Grill was just as delicious as my first experience a few years ago. It was great to see that the momentum for this Italian cucina hasn’t slowed despite the slight hiccup of a global pandemic between drinks. As for the room itself? Our high floor and extremely well appointed Deluxe King room had enough space for two people to enjoy a long stay, as I have come to expect in all their locations around the country. Big thanks to the QT Perth team for the love. – John

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