Community associations advocate for local area improvements

Community associations advocate for local area improvements

From left, Jeanette Hart, President, Myall River Art Walk Group, Kath Verdon, Sandra Bourke, Vivien Beilby, President, Pindimar Bundabah Community Association, The Hon. Dr David Gillespie MP, Federal Member for Lines, Trevor Jennings and Bruce Murray, President HNTGPA.

LAST Friday the Hawks Nest Tea Gardens Progress Association (HNTGPA) Management Committee and the President of the Pindimar Bundabah Community Association with member for Line Dr David Gillespie met at the Hawks Nest Scout Hall where the local Seniors Festival will be held on 11 February 2023. .

The Management Committee, which directly represents over 130 residents, has advocated for a range of improvements for the area.

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These include the need for more federal funding for dilapidated community infrastructure, including upgrading aging and decrepit community halls (Hawks Nest Community Center Hall built 1973 and the Scout Hall built 1988), the limited telecommunications connectivity across the region, the need to boost investment in regional sports infrastructure and the environment.

The need for a future flyover at the Pacific Highway/Myall Way interchange, as well as more ‘Black Spot’ program funding for it was also raised.

The conversation was broad and highlighted the need to better coordinate and focus Federal, State and MidCoast Council funding and resources, including a need for more advocacy.

The Member for Lyne listened and provided insight into how federal government funding flows into NSW State and MidCoast Council local government, with discretion strongest at the local level.

HNTGPA President Bruce Murray reflected, “Our current population is now just over 5,800.

“We have a predicted population growth of more than 20 percent over the next five years, especially with new major residential developments as well as increasing tourism.

“Government investment in local infrastructure, the access roads and the bridge, waterways, community facilities and the environment must keep pace with this growth so local residents and businesses can thrive.

“We must advocate now to prevent poor outcomes in the near future, some of which we are already seeing, such as traffic congestion at peak times, poorly connected or no roads and cycleways, unattractive streetscapes, loss of habitat, development that does not meet requirements, run. abandoned halls and outdated sports infrastructure.

“Talk must be translated into action at every level.”

The HNTGPA Management Committee also took the opportunity to show Dr Gillespie the dilapidated condition of the Hawks Nest Scout Hall which is used by young people in the local Boxing Club.

HNTGPA volunteers have been working at least one day each week for the past three months to clean the hall for the upcoming Seniors Festival, which is funded by the NSW State Government.

The other hall at Hawks Nest Community Center (Booner Street) will close soon for a MidCoast project costing $330,000 to remove and replace the old demountable, as well as complete electrical and landscaping improvements.

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The HNTGPA is keen to see the old Scout Hall continue to be maintained and used by organizations such as the Boxing Club and other community groups with an opportunity for a substantial upgrade.

The HNTGPA Steering Committee also demonstrated the new audiovisual equipment funded from the Federal Volunteer Grant and thanked Dr Gillespie for the support so far.

Tea Gardens Pool – Federal Funding status

The Committee also highlighted the need for the upgrade of the Tea Gardens swimming pool to be 100 per cent complete, while acknowledging the work to date has been an improvement.

The pool’s new ramp, toilet and resurfacing was partially funded by the Federal Government which paid $700,000 to MidCoast Council to deliver the project.

However, the gutters, replacement grass, entrance hall frame, old unsafe pool ladder and new shed remain incomplete, with the roof and plant room also in need of improvements.

The HNTGPA has also written to the MCC requesting a list of works to be completed, advocating for improved maintenance and working hours by the sub-contractor ‘The Y’, and offering to help where needed, including with more funding .

The Management Committee informed Dr Gillespie of the community’s future need for a brand new aquatics and sports facility on the same site with similar features to that completed at CenterPoint Sport and Leisure in Blayney, NSW which has a population of 3,500 (new heated indoor pool), plant room, parking, recreation area.

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The project had a total value of $4.2 million funded by the Federal Government Building Better Regions Fund and Blayney Shire Council cash reserves.

The HNTGPA advocates for local residents and taxpayers at all levels of government, as well as volunteering on projects.

New members are welcome – please contact [email protected]

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