KYTC plans ongoing construction sites throughout western Kentucky | News

KYTC plans ongoing construction sites throughout western Kentucky | News

Work zone construction and maintenance activities at the following locations will affect traffic the week of Monday, March 26:

US 60/US 62 KY travelers to Missouri

DETAILS: The US 60/US 62 Mississippi River Bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois is closed until further notice. A recent inspection found problems that will require repairs before the bridge can reopen. This bridge closure will impact Kentucky motorists who wish to travel through Illinois to Missouri. DRIVING: Via US 51 and I-57 adds about 4.5 miles to a drive between Wickliffe, Kentucky, and Charleston, Missouri. DURATION: Until further notice

KY 305 and KY 998 closed west of I-24 Paducah exit 3

DETAILS: KY 305/Cairo Road and KY 998/Olivet Church Road remain closed just west of Interstate 24 Paducah Exit 3 to allow asphalt pavement in the intersection to be replaced with concrete. There is still access to businesses around the I-24 Paducah Exit 3 interchange. Below is the graphic for traffic flow at the intersection immediately west of I-24 Paducah Exit 3. DURATION: It is expected to remain in place for approximately one week. KYTC District 1

I-24 westbound work zone 69 mm in Trigg County

DETAILS: This work zone lane restriction on I-24 westbound in Trigg County from approximately the 69 to 68 mile marker near the Trigg-Christian County Line is to allow work to stabilize soil in the median that could affect concrete paver slabs. There is no impact on eastbound traffic. DURATION: This work zone will be open 24 hours a day for approximately two weeks.

US 51/US 60 intersection in Wickliffe

DETAILS: US 51/US 60 intersection in Wickliffe has been converted to a four-way stop. The intersection, at US 51 mile point 3.644 and US 60 mile point 0 in Ballard County, is just over 4 miles south of the US 51 Ohio River “Cairo” Bridge that connects Kentucky and Illinois.

KY 307 CLOSED at 4.4mm in Carlisle County

DETAILS: KY 307 is closed near the 4.4 mile marker to allow erosion control work along the West Branch of Mayfield Creek in southeastern Carlisle County. It is along KY 307 south of the Kirbyton community between KY 1173 and KY 408. Local access is maintained on each side of the closure for property owners.

KY 97 lane and 11 foot load limit in southeastern Graves County

DETAILS: This work zone on KY 97 at milepost 0.97 will allow decking and maintenance work on the Terrapin Branch Bridge, a maximum load width of 11 feet. This work zone is approximately one mile north of the Kentucky-Tennessee state line. KY 97 connects to TN Rte 69. ROADWAY: Self-detour is via KY 1270, KY 895 and KY 94. DURATION: Some minor delays are possible. The target completion date is 28 April.

US 45 Ohio River “Brookport” Bridge

DETAILS: Expect the US 45 Ohio River “Brookport” bridge to be closed the week of March 27 to allow for a detailed inspection of the bridge structure. The bridge will be closed to all traffic every weekday from 09:00 to 15:00. The inspection team plans to return the week of April 3 with a daytime track restriction to allow climbers to complete the inspection work. restriction, which bans most commercial trucks and bans all semi/STAA trucks. Farm equipment and permitted loads of any kind are prohibited.

Buy Parkway from 0 to 21 mm

DETAILS: Construction activities will extend from the Kentucky-Tennessee line at Fulton to the end of I-69 at the 21-mile marker on the southwest edge of Mayfield. Be aware of intermittent lane restrictions in various locations, with those restrictions becoming more frequent in the coming weeks. Initial work will be at the KY 339 Wingo exit 14 and the Fulton exits. There will be a 55 mph work zone speed limit with an enhanced police presence where workers are present. DURATION: The target completion date is 15 December 2024.

Paving in Trigg County begins March 31

DETAILS: KY 124/Cerulean Road from White Road at mile marker 2.346, extending east to Guinn Road at mile marker 7.556KY 274/Rockcastle Road from Beach Bend Drive at mile marker 1.811, extending north to Little River Bridge at mile marker 3.0507KY /Beginning on Barefield Road at KY 958 at milepost 0.0, extending north to just south of KY 128 at milepost 1.50 DURATION: Three weeks

Paving in Lyon County begins March 27

DETAILS: KY 274 – From 1.828 mm at Rolling Mill Road extending to 5.479 mm at KY-93KY 1271 – From 0.0 mm at the Eureka Recreation Area extending to 1.82 mm at the KY-810 intersectionKY 1055 – From 0.0 mm at the intersection 0.705 to the 2,726 mm at the KY 93 intersection DURATION: One week

US 60 in Livingston County near 12mm

DETAILS: US 60 has an active work zone near the 12mm on the northern edge of Smithland for construction of the New Cumberland River Bridge. There is a traffic diversion in this work zone for road connection work. DURATION: Expected to be ready for traffic in late April or early May.

US 641 in southern Calloway County

DETAILS: Construction of the new US 641 from the Clarks River Bridge at the southern edge of Murray to the Kentucky-Tennessee state line at Hazel continues. Construction on this 6-mile, four-lane new site section will have minimal impact on existing US 641. The main impact is on side roads that run through the construction corridor. DURATION: Target completion date for the project is summer.

KY 1718/Fourth Street closed in the city of Fulton

DETAILS: KY 1718/Fourth Street in the city of Fulton is closed between Carr Street and Mears Street to allow the Harris Fork branch culvert to be replaced at mile marker 0.15. This closure is near the Premier Trailer Building/Old Turner Dairy in downtown Fulton. KY 1718 will be open to local traffic on each side of the work site only.

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