Laurent Gallice Succeeds Emmanuelle Schramm as French Technical Director Dressage

Laurent Gallice Succeeds Emmanuelle Schramm as French Technical Director Dressage

Laurent Gallice succeeded Emmanuelle Schramm-Rossi as French Technical Director Dressage from 2023.

Schramm’s resignation was not published by the FFE, but Gallice’s appointment was announced on 15 December 2022.

The 58-year-old Schramm started working at the French Federation in 2000. In 2007 she was in charge of rules and regulations and spearheaded the creation of a new sports plan. She has been FFE Technical Director Dressage since 2013. In 2016 she married Philippe Rossi and the couple run the Le Mans Equestrian Centre.

From eventing to dressage

Gallice is a familiar face at the French Equestrian Federation and has been in charge of the organization of the French Championships in all disciplines for the past 10 years. He is a former FEI level event rider.

Emmanuella Schramm in 2021Gallice will now work closely with Jean Morel, who succeeded Jan Bemelmans as Technical Advisor/team coach/chief selector last year. At youth level, Muriel Leonardi remains in change, while Martin Denisot oversees national dressage.

Open minded

“I’m not a dressage specialist, just as I wasn’t a western specialist, and yet it was with me that the discipline won its first medals in major championships. New challenges interest me and it’s great to be on a Olympic adventure, even if there is quite a bit of pressure,” Gallice said at his official appointment.

He continued, “through my various professional experiences, both in show jumping and eventing, as a club manager or at the federal level, I have acquired a great open mind, a global vision and a certain perspective. I am going to get in touch with the riders, I’m looking for more collaboration than imposing a predetermined pattern.We have ideas with Jean that we’re going to put in place little by little, including team training seminars scheduled for this winter.

Paris 2024

At the end of June 2022, the French Federation held a staff meeting on the preparation for Paris 2024. Schramm told Eurodressage that she and the board were no longer on the same wavelength regarding the path for the future of French top sport dressage.

Schramm and Muriel Leonardi “We disagreed on the evolution of the sports project and on the actions to be carried out, especially on my role within the staff,” Schramm told Eurodressage. “This work is very exciting, it needs a great team spirit from the staff. For me, it is impossible to do it without being completely invested, as I have done so far. That is why I have decided to leave the federation. “

For France, much is at stake as the country hosts the 2024 Olympic Games. To qualify a team for the Games, France will need to do well as a team at the 2023 European Championships in Riesenbeck where team slots are up for grabs.

However, French dressage riders sold their top horses non-stop with Charlotte Chalvignac selling Elice and Icaro das Figueiras and the Serre coupling parting with Actuelle de Massa, Jojoba de Massa, Vistoso de Massa.

Former French Grand Prix riders Stephanie Brieussel, Marc Boblet and Karen Tebar have added horses for the future. Brieussel got King, Devonport, Quaterhit and Don Vito de Hus; while Boblet welcomed Peggy Sue Nexen and Jordan P. Tebar bought Dahlia de Massa, but she has not competed internationally since 2017.

Photos © Astrid Appels

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