New Grill’d burger healthy for humans and the environment

New Grill’d burger healthy for humans and the environment

Grill’d, the healthy burger giant we all know and love, is changing the world one burger at a time.

Say hello to the ‘world’s most sustainable’ beef burger.

A new partnership with Sea Forest and the University of New England has seen a world-first eco-friendly grass and seaweed-fed beef burger.

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Part of this patty has seaweed in it. (fried)

Everyone loves a good burger, and while it may be healthy for us, what about the planet?

About 15 percent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock production, and in Australia the contribution of methane emissions from ruminant livestock approaches 10 percent of total greenhouse emissions.

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In this partnership, Grill’d developed a unique and innovative way to feed its grass-fed cows Asparagopsis, a native and natural Tasmanian seaweed, to reduce their methane emissions by up to 67 percent.

So how does it all work?

This seaweed makes cows burp less methane.

Cows will spend an average of six to eight hours a day grazing. (iStock)

Asparagopsis seaweed contains approximately 120 natural bioactive compounds.

When consumed by ruminants (ie cows), these compounds react with enzymes in the digestive process to drastically reduce – and even eliminate – methane production.

This important step comes as the federal government signed on to reduce methane emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

“Asparagopsis is a seaweed native to Tasmania. It’s very special because it has a unique set of properties that transfer to cattle, and when consumed, it reduces methane in those animals. It’s great to have a direct-to- consumer product to see that Sea Forest contributes to where consumers themselves can make a real difference – enjoy low-carbon products that are better for the planet,” says Rocky De Nys, Chief Scientific Officer of Sea Forest.

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Asparagopsis seaweed is considered a delicacy and served in a poke bowl. (iStock)

Starting today, 61 restaurant locations across Australia will offer their customers a Gamechanger beef upgrade that can be used in any burger for just $1.

“We’re really excited to see Gamechanger beef come to life. It’s the future of beef – and we won’t stop at 61 restaurants. But for now, and for just an extra buck, guests can help the planet by a low-methane product to choose from, simply by upgrading their favorite beef burger,” says Grill’d founder Simon Crowe.

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The burger is said to have no seaweed fish flavor, so will you try it?

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