Rain storm bearing down on Australian east coast

Rain storm bearing down on Australian east coast

MetService National weather: January 30 – February 2.

Forecasters are warning of an approaching “major storm and rain event” that could stretch almost the length of Australia’s east coast.

The worsening weather that may arrive next week could lead to an east coast low, one of the most powerful and dangerous subtropical storm systems.

“There are early signs of a major rain and storm event with some forecast models indicating a deepening low pressure system for somewhere in southern Queensland or northern or eastern New South Wales,” Sky News Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe said.

A rain event is expected to hit the east coast of Australia. Photo / Sky News Weather Australia

It’s still a few days out though, so the weather models could change.

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But before that happens, this week’s storms in the east will continue, as will the uncomfortable humidity.

Perth is in the grip of a series of scorching days that plunge into a heatwave, but for the south-east temperatures are set to plummet – summer snow is even possible.

The unsettled conditions that hit Sydney will move north on Tuesday. The city could still see showers and indeed a storm, but there will not be much rain in the gauge and there will be hardly any rain for the rest of the week.

Highs will generally be in the high twenties for the next seven days with lows of 20C. Humidity is likely to continue to be a feature of this week in Sydney.

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The storms will move northwards into Port Macquarie for a wet Tuesday with up to 20mm of rain and a possible thunderstorm. But it should pass on Wednesday. Byron Bay could see 15mm of rain on Tuesday with some of those showers continuing into the middle of the week.

Brisbane could also see a storm on Tuesday with up to 6mm of rain, with a possibility of the same remaining for Wednesday and Thursday before it calms down towards the end of the week.

A hot week awaits for Queensland’s capital with a high of 32C on Tuesday, reaching 35C by Friday. Dawn minimums will be around 22-24C.

More severe conditions are expected north of Brisbane, with heavier rain north of the Sunshine Coast midweek.

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Up to 20mm could fall on Bundaberg on Wednesday with around 25mm on Rockhampton. A stormy week in Townsville could see 10mm of rain on Tuesday, 10-25mm on Wednesday and more showers on Thursday and Friday.

Scorching temperatures for Darwin, Perth

Darwin will be hot and sticky this week with rain, some heavy, accompanied by storms. Highs of 32C are expected all week, dropping to 25C overnight.

There’s no doubting the heat in Perth. The mercury is stuck stubbornly around the 35C mark for much of this week with 18C lows. And then it gets worse.

A low-intensity heatwave is forecast for Thursday and then into the weekend with a high of 37C on Saturday and lows in the mid-twenties overnight leading to a string of uncomfortable nights.

Temperatures fall in the south, snow as a result

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Across the Bight and the temperatures are in the opposite direction, Sky’s Sharpe said.

“Friday looks to be the coldest day of the week for southeastern regions and there will even be some alpine snow with this event.”

Adelaide hits a high of 26C on Tuesday and it gradually drops as the week progresses with 22C on Wednesday and a high of just 19C on an overcast Friday. Lows will be around 14C. There may be light rain on Thursday.

It will be even cooler in Melbourne after a hot weekend. A high of 23C on Tuesday will drop to just 17C on Friday with lows in the mid-teens. Like Adelaide, Thursday could see a few showers.

That snow could fall on the resorts, such as Mt Hotham and Falls Creek, on Friday as high summer temperatures drop below freezing.

Hobart is forecast to reach 25C on Tuesday and then there will be highs of around 20C for the rest of the week. A low of 15C early Tuesday and just 9C early Friday.

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Canberra will have mid-twenties highs until Thursday – up to 28C on Wednesday – before a drop to 17C on a gray Friday. Temperatures will drop into the mid-teens by dawn.

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