Ram Island, one of Tasmania’s 11 privately-owned islands, up for sale | Lismore City News

Ram Island, one of Tasmania’s 11 privately-owned islands, up for sale | Lismore City News

Ram Island, 20 minutes south of Swansea on the state’s east coast, attracted “great interest in its first week on the market. Photos supplied

A stunning Tasmanian island with 200 years of history has attracted “huge” national and international interest in its first week on the market.

Accessed via private boat, Ram Island is a 10-minute drive from Pontypool on the state’s east coast.

Many Tasmanian islands are offered on leases only, allowing ownership for a set period of time.

Ram Island is one of just 11 privately owned islands on Tasmania’s coastline, meaning its new buyer will have full ownership of the land.

Dirt roads connect the 26-hectare island, which was empty until two and a half years ago.

Its owners, who have owned the land for more than 20 years, have built a modern four-bedroom home that overlooks the Tasman from a large wrap-around deck.

The island is fully self-sufficient and boasts 250,000 gallons of water storage, backed up solar power, and a large garage and machinery shed.

Jenkins and Co. Property’s Phillipa Jenkins said the property had attracted “incredible” interest as a holiday home, and had also fielded inquiries from investors with plans to further develop the island.

Ms Jenkins said the house was difficult to price.

“There were islands around Australia that sold for anywhere from $6 million to $10 million.

“I would think it would probably have to be there somewhere as the infrastructure on this island is phenomenal – it’s 100 per cent self-sufficient,” she said.

The island has roots back to 1824, when it was owned by the Pyke family.

Mr Pyke, a baker, would receive consignments of flour from Hobart and take wood-fired bread to Swansea for distribution.

A cemetery where 13 of the family are buried covers a quarter of a hectare of the island, while the remains of historic machinery on the water’s edge offer further insight into its past.

Do you want to own your own island? This one is for sale

Nowadays, the only machinery needed is the ship that comes with the island.

“You own a strip of land on the mainland, it’s like your driveway,” Ms Jenkins said.

“It’s coming from Pontypool and down at the end of the ramp is your van sitting in the water ready to take you over.”

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