Community Housing Industry Association finds families in Melbourne among hardest hit

Community Housing Industry Association finds families in Melbourne among hardest hit

Families in Melbourne’s west, north-west and south-east are among Australia’s hardest hit by record rent stress.

Agents and social housing providers have told 9News they are unable to keep up with demand as prices soar across the city.

In Richmond, queues of potential renters submitted through a home inspection.

Rental costs are rising nationwide – not just for houses. (9News)

Do you have rent stress? Contact reporter Allanah Sciberras at [email protected]

Steven Barretto was among those in line hoping to rent the one-bedroom property for $350 a week.

“It’s not the perfect room for us, but there’s pressure to take it right away,” he said.

Standing out in the crowd is important, according to Bianca Molini, who also spent the morning waiting in line.

“I find everywhere there are so many people looking, even if you love a place the chances of you getting it are pretty slim right now,” she said.

Team Leader at Biggin Scott Richmond Real Estate Agency, Ethan Labza. (9News)

Biggin Scott Richmond real estate agency team leader Ethan Labza said interest in rental properties has increased significantly.

“We probably have half as many properties online as we normally do this time of year, but about twice as many people are looking,” he said.

Nearly 110,000 Victorian households are suffering from rent stress, with the hardest-hit areas being Footscray, Melton and Sunbury, according to a report by the Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA).

Analysis by CHIA and the UNSW City Futures Research Center found six percent of households in Melbourne and 5.7 percent in the Victoria region are inadequately housed.

Nearly 110,000 Victorian households suffer from rental stress. (9News)

CHIA Victoria Executive Vice President Jess Pomeroy said the report underscores the urgent need for more social housing in Victoria.

“The inner, western and south-eastern parts of Melbourne are among the top ten areas in Australia with the highest number of households with unmet needs,” she said.

“Victoria has the lowest percentage of public housing in the country. We urgently need governments to provide a clear, long-term funding pipeline for social and affordable housing beyond large-scale housing.”

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