Melbourne Greeks join forces to offer 8-year-old Mariah hope

Melbourne Greeks join forces to offer 8-year-old Mariah hope

Melbourne-based charity Enosi is holding a fundraiser in March for an 8-year-old child who needs ongoing medical support and is preparing for an upcoming surgery.

Mariah was born prematurely and had developmental problems that left her vulnerable to illness.

“At 10 days of age, Mariah caught an E. coli superbug through her IV drip that caused her to bleed in part of her brain and develop dystonic cerebral palsy,” reads an excerpt of her story shared by her mother.

Complete hearing loss has left Maria dependent on a cochlear implant in her left ear, while three years ago she braved her first major surgery to allow for enteral tube feeding.

After spending two weeks in intensive care and losing to just over 7kg, Mariah underwent another operation, which saved her life at the time.

But battles ensued with the 8-year-old, who contracted COVID in 2021 and had to spend five weeks in hospital while a kidney stone removal she had to undergo caused her post-surgery illness.

During challenging times, Mariah has “kept her family together in strength and hope,” say fundraiser organizers.

“These days they are focused on therapy, healing Mariah and making sure she is happy in her world; and find joy in her.”

With surgery coming up on her legs in 2023 and the imminent need for new mobility aids and adjustments in her home to ensure accessibility, the Enosi Association is reaching out to all who can help give Mariah and her family hope for the future admit.

The organization’s members, who operate Enosi as a nonprofit, say they are committed to supporting children with life-threatening illnesses and their families, “to listen with integrity, to listen with compassion, and to rise up with dignity.”

“We are a group of close friends who have a strong passion for our community and share a common vision […] to help those in their time of greatest need.”

One of Enosis’ commitments is to donate 100% of funds raised through events to the family in need.

The Hope for Mariah fundraiser will be held on Saturday, March 4th at the Starts International Reception, 1C Bell Street Preston VIC 3072.

With Con Laz in the role of MC, the live entertainment program includes music by DJ Dion, Levendes band and Spasta band, as well as performances by MANASIS dance school Peter Triantis as “ELVIS TO THE T” with children’s entertainment show also promised.

Tickets, which include a five-course meal, drinks and entertainment, are $120 for adults and $45 for children under 12.

Visit for bookings, donations and sponsorships or call one of the Enosi Committee members below:

Arthur Minas: 0434 093 700, Tina Minas: 0413 092 769, Areti Petalouthitsa: 0427 900 323, Effie Leventis: 0419 589 807, Antonia Gian: 0455 511 268, Mish Bratsos: 0452 400 971

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