National Aquatics Symposium | Royal Life Saving Society

National Aquatics Symposium | Royal Life Saving Society

Published February 1, 2023

Executives, strategic thinkers and decision makers involved in water security will gather at a symposium designed to address insidious issues and emerging challenges in the industry.

The symposium, convened in Melbourne on March 9-10, will develop policy responses and a roadmap for the future to help industry, government and water security professionals navigate through the next five years amid broader social and economic headwinds navigate.

RJ Houston, General Manager of Royal Life Saving Society – Australia – Capability & Industry, said the symposium is an opportunity for respected and experienced policymakers, senior executives in the industry and water safety professionals to come together to address important issues.

“The top three issues we need to address are community swimming skills; challenges for workers in the water industry; and infrastructure for water facilities,” said Mr. Houston.

“Whether you are in Melbourne, Mudgee, Margaret River or Murray Bridge, these are the issues that keep people in government and industry up at night. They are universal challenges and we need the best and brightest to come together and figure out how to move forward.

“There are significant structural factors and systemic challenges. I think what we have all learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that when the sector comes together with diverse perspectives and capabilities and moves forward in consensus, we can tackle both current and future challenges together.

“We need a big picture and blue skies to think about how we’re going to deal together with the threats that are already here and those that are on the horizon.”

The symposium has a limited number of seats to ensure that people’s contributions are heard and that there are opportunities for real discussion and collaboration.

The following are encouraged to participate:

high-ranking representatives of umbrella organizations; senior government officials with responsibility for water security programs, sports vouchers, sports infrastructure funding and human resources, qualifications and educational attitudes and needs; leading academics with an interest in these topics; leading architects and consultants collaborating with the aquatic sector; Executives and executives of the industry, product managers.

This is an opportunity to inform and influence the strategic response on key issues for the short, medium and long-term success of water safety education and the industry.

“What will unite everyone at the symposium is a desire to make great decisions that will ensure that this generation and the next will continue to have a love for swimming and water-based activities, and that they can engage in those activities in a meaningful way – thanks to a a sustainable and skilled workforce and an appropriate infrastructure – regardless of your background or where you live in Australia.

“Swimming and water safety is for everyone.”

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