Portland resident, International Mrs. USA, named official nominee for ‘Mrs of the Year’ at Beauty It’s Everywhere Awards during NYFW

Portland resident, International Mrs. USA, named official nominee for ‘Mrs of the Year’ at Beauty It’s Everywhere Awards during NYFW

Portland resident Whitley Nabintu Marshall, the reigning International Mrs. USA (which was crowned during NYFW this past September), will return to the Big Apple in February for the seventh annual Beauty It’s Everywhere Awards, presented by Art & Beauty Magazine, taking place during New York Fashion Week at The New Yorker Hotel in Times Square on Friday February 10 at 9pm

She was also recently named an official nominee for the Global Beauty Awards in the category of Congeniality. (@thegbasofficial ) The Global Beauty Awards will be held on April 30th at the Snoqualmie Casino in the greater Seattle area of ​​Washington State. (www.theglobalbeautyawards.com).

Whitley will model in several runway shows, and will also meet with other models, influencers, artists and photographers to host what she calls a “True Beauty Photoshoot” in the heart of Times Square. As part of her International Ms. Pageant prize package, Whitley received a cash stipend to support her efforts.

Whitley Nabintu Marshall is a Portland-based artist, activist, and entrepreneur who has been promoting and serving diverse communities in various roles since 2005, making an impact locally and internationally. Whitley aims to expand beauty standards as the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Artlovelifestyle Magazine (www.artlovelifestyle.com), which offers message-based photo shoots and cover contests focused on the markers of true beauty: compassion, strength, resilience, diversity, and authenticity, while emphasizing the inclusion of all shapes, sizes, shades, genders, ages, cultures and backgrounds. This coming May, she will host Artlovelifestyle Magazine’s second annual Flowers that Feed Art and Fashion exhibit, as well as their first annual True Beauty Awards in August, both of which will be held at Coolidge Family Farm in New Gloucester.

In addition to Artlovelifestyle Magazine, Whitley co-founded organizations including Green Initiatives and World Roots Culture Exchange, spearheaded the Compassionate Leadership Project, and worked for the American Red Cross Biomedical Services for over 16 years until 2021. She serves as co-director of the renowned New England-based Barefoot Truth Dance Company with Nova Dawn, is a landlord and real estate investor, and is the social media manager for her husband’s real estate team, The David Marshall Team. As part of her Mind•Body•Compassion Coaching, she is releasing her 90-Day Transformational Coaching this year.

journal and Compassionate Leadership training. She is a signed model with Couture La Rouge LLC, and has had numerous media features and magazine covers such as Couture Magazine, La Fiesta Fashion and even the January issue of Beer & Weed Magazine for her involvement in the legalization of cannabis in Maine. She was named one of Model Society Magazine’s “Top 22 Models of 2022,” a VIP model for Supermodelle Unlimited and International Face Magazine, and was recognized in the NYC Journal’s “Top 30 Women Leaders to Watch in 2022. ” Through the arts, cultural exchange and leadership development, Whitley cultivates a uniquely inclusive culture that drives conversation and inspires compassionate action, empowering people to embrace their unique beauty and work to be the best versions of themselves, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The seventh annual Beauty It’s Everywhere Awards Gala will take place on February 10th at the New Yorker Hotel, in Times Square NYC. For more information on the Beauty It’s Everywhere Awards, visit www.beautyiteverywhere.org.







For more information about the International Ms Pageant, visit www.mspageant.com.

For more information about the Global Beauty Awards, visit www.theglobalbeautyawards.com.

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