Shark takes huge bites out of Swan River stingray caught by Perth fisher Liam Kenny

Shark takes huge bites out of Swan River stingray caught by Perth fisher Liam Kenny

A Perth angler’s wild find has some doubting what exactly lies beneath the surface of the Swan River.

Liam Kenny was enjoying the sunshine while fishing a favorite spot on Sunday morning when he pulled in a stingray.

What made this catch so extraordinary was that it was clear that the fisherman was second.

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It has yet to be officially determined what caused the ray’s death, but three large gashes indicated it lost a fight with a bull shark, which is known to sail the Swan.

“It’s easily the craziest thing I’ve seen (while fishing) and the biggest ray I’ve ever caught,” Kenny told

An amateur fisherman didn’t quite get what he expected after landing this ray. Credit: Liam Kenny

The amateur angler initially thought he was outmatched after hooking the heavy ray, as his basic gear is better suited for smaller fish.

Not wanting to fight it and break his gear, he let the line run – until it stopped.

Kenny’s theory is that the shark was full and gone, and that’s when he was able to find the ray at the jetty.

The Balga mason took some photos and shared them on popular fishing pages on social media, with the caption: “River monsters are real.”

Others were also surprised.

“If that beam is 1m as mentioned, those bites are massive,” one person commented in response.

“I wouldn’t like to run into that thing in the water, that’s for sure.”

Another person estimated that a “good two meter shark” was behind the large bite marks.

“Don’t think I’ll be messing around there any more,” they said.

Swan River shark protection

The photos emerged amid an effort to install a shark barrier within the Swan River.

Cameron Wrathall suffered a broken hip and critical injuries when a 3m bull shark attacked him while he was swimming at Bicton’s Blackwall Reach on 14 January 2021.

It was the first attack in the river in 50 years.

Cameron Wrathall in hospital after the attack. Credit: 7NEWS

Wrathall has had discussions with the City of Melville about the feasibility of a safety net to protect others entering the water.

“It will just enclose an area, a bit like the barriers they have on the coast, and it will make it a safer area for swimmers,” he told 6PR.

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