Vivien Yap secured third contempt conviction in Matic row

Vivien Yap secured third contempt conviction in Matic row

Despite signing off on the sale, Yap claims Matic has since threatened to open her home and publicly advertise his anger over the deal, forcing her to seek court restraints.

Matic has since been hit with two civil contempt convictions, one of which saw him slapped with Yap’s $16,000 legal bill.

But Bennett revealed Matic has yet to pay the costs order.

Twelve months later, the court still has no information about Matic’s financial circumstances, but he claims he was evicted from his residence and left without internet or e-mail access.

Matic’s failure to appear on Monday afternoon was no surprise to those involved, as he had failed to attend sentencing for his second civil contempt conviction just hours earlier.

The case was adjourned in December in the hope that Matic would take Solomon’s advice and lawyer.

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But with Matic nowhere to be found on Monday morning, Solomon postponed sentencing and issued a warning to attend or risk arrest.

Bennett told the court that Matic’s repeated refusal to appear before the court was further evidence of the self-proclaimed sovereign citizen’s contempt for the court process, which warranted a serious punishment.

“This is about protecting the proper administration of justice,” he said.

“ A faction of society that treats individual rights as paramount and superior to the authority of the court is a threat to society; he is not an only actor.

“These are not harmless, quirky views: they are harmful views.

“There was multiple contempt and sustained contempt.

“If they do not respect the rule of law, it is threatened.”

In December, WAtoday revealed that Matic was at risk of losing his Joondanna property, with the Commonwealth Bank moving in to repossess it amid claims he was $22,800 behind on his mortgage.

Matic is due to be sentenced for criminal contempt of court on Friday, with his second contempt charge to be settled on 9 February.

Yap is considered one of the country’s top real estate agents, having sold 74 properties worth a combined $135 million in the past year alone.

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