More heavy rain expected for New Zealand’s flood-ravaged Auckland

More heavy rain expected for New Zealand’s flood-ravaged Auckland

New Zealand officials have asked residents in flood-ravaged Auckland to prepare for the onslaught of another storm as residents begin a clean-up after a series of floods and mudslides over the weekend in New Zealand’s largest city.

Key points: Heavy rain warnings are in place for much of the north of the country. Auckland recorded more than eight times its average January rainfall and 40 per cent of its annual average rainfall. All Auckland schools will remain closed until February 7

Four people have lost their lives in flash floods and landslides that have hit Auckland over the past three days amid record downpours.

A state of emergency remains in place in Auckland.

New Zealand weather provider Metservice said there were “deep, moisture-laden clouds with cold tops” headed for northern New Zealand, and issued heavy rain warnings for much of northern New Zealand from Tuesday afternoon. country.

“This rain is expected to cause dangerous river conditions and significant flooding and floodwaters are likely to disrupt travel, make some roads impassable and potentially isolate communities,” Auckland Emergency Management Controller Rachel Kelleher said.

Auckland has already received record levels of rain over the past four days and sodden ground and full rivers mean new rainfall brings increased risks.

Beaches around the city of 1.6 million are off limits due to contaminated water, several main roads remain closed, and all Auckland schools will remain closed until February 7.

Evacuation centers have been set up across the city.

“There was a lot of damage across Auckland,” New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said on Monday.

“Obviously there were a number of houses damaged by flooding, but also extensive earth movements.”

About 350 people needed emergency accommodation, he added.

Ms Kelleher said Auckland Domestic Airport was now operating at full capacity and Auckland International Airport was operating near capacity and hoped to return to normal operations soon.

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to search, up and down arrows for volume. Freight train derails in floodwater near New Zealand’s North Coast.

The council declared 77 houses uninhabitable and prevented people from entering them.

A further 318 properties were deemed at risk, with access restricted to certain areas for short periods.

The insurance industry expects the costs associated with the flood to exceed the $NZ97 million ($88.9 million) spent after the 2021 floods on New Zealand’s West Coast.

Insurance Australia Group’s New Zealand divisions have received more than 5,000 claims so far and Suncorp Group said it had received about 3,000 claims across its Vero and AA Insurance brands.

New Zealand’s Tower said it had received about 1,900 claims.

“The number of claims is expected to rise further in the coming days as the event continues to unfold and as customers identify damage to their property,” IAG said in a statement.

Economists say the recovery and rebuilding could add to inflationary pressures in New Zealand as vehicles and household goods need to be replaced and there will be an increase in construction work needed to repair or replace homes and infrastructure damaged by the floods. rebuild.

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